Thursday, April 21, 2016

22 Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tap, tap, is this thing on????.....


On March 22, my once-itty-bitty turned 22 months old!!  In less than 2 short months, she'll be TWO YEARS OLD!!!  I can't even believe my own ears when I say that!

All About Emily:
  • Weighing in at approx. 30 pounds, and standing somewhere between 33.5-34 inches (she's too wiggly to measure!), Emily is growing wonderfully!!
  • Wearing Size 6 diapers, Size 6 shoes, and mostly Size 18-24 months clothing, though she has a few outfits that are 2T and a pair of pajamas that are 3T!!!  Her hair is getting so long, and is a beautiful golden blonde with curls at the end!
  • Emily loves: stealing the hand towel from the rod and smirking while I'm washing my hands, standing on her stool, cleaning the countertops with her sponge, helping with vacuuming/sweeping, reading in her "houf" (castle), her Nursery Rhymes book during mealtimes, dancing around to music, singing "The Wheels on the Bus", going to the park, and coloring with "pens" (markers/crayons/anything that writes)!!!  She also recently got a table & chairs set which she enjoys sitting at like a big girl.  :)

  • She's slowly but surely starting to eat more foods, which makes this mama very happy!
  • Emily is starting to use 2-word phrases, she's getting pretty good at brushing her teeth, and is suddenly obsessed with Mommy's ponytail and brushing my hair.  She also occasionally tries to blow her nose, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of that yet.
  • New this month, Emily says "houf" (house) and "mouf" (mouse/mouth), "fash" (fast) and "so" (slow), and knows most of her body parts.
  • Alas, her feet are no longer biscuit-shaped.  But they're still adorable.  And she loves standing on top of our feet, for some reason:
  • Emily has started imitating us more and more, and has definitely entered the world of pretend play.  She wraps up her Elmo doll in a blanket and rocks him to sleep, and also decided to utilize Mommy's accessories one day, which had us giggling:
  • Emily & Daddy have been taking swim lessons, and she has gotten so skilled and brave in the water!!!  She can hold her breath when dunked under, kick her legs and arms, and she LOVES the mat exercises they do.  She was a bit hesitant of the mat at first, but since she's got the hang of it, she is obsessed!

  • Guess who attended her first rock concert???  The Fuzzy Lemons were performing in town, and we scored some tickets!  It was adorable, and so fun for the kids!
  • She's finally realized that she's tall enough and strong enough to climb out of her crib, and she's started doing just that.  The day after she turned 22 months old, out she climbed, in a matter of minutes, with barely a peep at 2am.  I had just laid her back in her crib, fast asleep, and by the time I got into bed, she was awake and calling for us.  I turned to Shep to ask him to go get her before she climbed out, and before he even lifted his head from his pillow, I heard a swishing sound (which were her pajamas brushing against the crib railing), she pushed our door open and sauntered into our room.  All in a few minutes it was gameover.
  • This little lady is into everything, and keeps us busy all the time!!!
Here are a few more pics of the little lady at 22 months old.  The first one is an adorable photo of Emily, wearing the coat I wore when I was her age!  She looks regal, if I do say so myself!  And the coat isn't too shabby either, considering it's over twenty okay, fine, thirty years old!  ;)

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