Friday, May 31, 2013

Surprise Announcement!!

This morning I prepared the FedEx surprise for VA, where my 91 year old grandma, aunt, uncle and cousin live!!!! I used four different pastel-colored pieces of paper to write B, A, B, Y on, then put each piece in a manilla envelope with a message on the front telling them it’s top secret and not to open.   :)   I FedExed the package from work, which should be delivered by tomorrow @ noon! Not sure when we’re going to do the video chat but I need to figure out how to record it!! I also need to figure out when/how to share the news with my godmother/other aunt. We’re scheduled to visit my BFF and family on June 8th to share the surprise with them!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30

I’m still experiencing tummy pains (and some stool issues) and also had some brown staining today at work. I called the doctor’s office to ask about those issues plus the leg cramps I started having yesterday and the nurse who called me back said there’s nothing to worry about. I should focus on eating bananas, rice and toast and stay away from dairy. I feel really nervous and hope everything is okay.

I also emailed my aunt and cousin in Virginia about the FedEx+videoconference surprise this weekend... can’t wait to see what happens! :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Ultrasound

Today was our first ultrasound! I was pretty nervous but glad that the Mr. was there with me. I hopped up on the table, the tech rubbed some cold jelly on my belly and moved the wand around. She couldn’t pick anything up that way (which I knew in my head was pretty common this early, though I still got more nervous...) so tried it the “other” way. The screen showed some black and white shapes, and I saw what looked like 2 circles. For a second I thought that might mean 2 babies and for the first time I think I understood what it must’ve felt like for Jen when she found out she was having twins! (I still remember the day she called me with the news -- I shrieked and jumped out of my desk at work with excitement and she seemed shell-shocked.) To make things more suspenseful the tech asked “Do you see what I see?” and I had no idea what that meant or if that was her way of hinting there might be more than one baby!!! I guess the Mr.'s jokes over the past couple years about me having triplets got to me! I replied, “I don’t know - what do you see?” and she pointed out the fetus. It turns out the other circle I saw was the yolk sac -- phew! ;) The heartbeat was 141 beats (which is good -- the optimal pace is between 120-160, so we’re right in the middle!) and the length measured 7w2d. That’s 5 days smaller than we thought (I thought today was the start of my 8th week) but with measurements that small I guess it’s hard to be precisely accurate to the day. The tech assured us that a 5 day discrepancy was nothing to be alarmed at.

We went home with 2 photos for us, and 1 for each of the moms! We are going to put one in each of their cards for this weekend’s mother’s day surprise.   :)

Unfortunately, there was some kind of scheduling snafu and so I didn’t get to meet with the doctor today, but we scheduled my “first OB appt” for Tuesday afternoon.
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