About Us

We are a couple of thirty-something professionals living and working in the NYC metro area. After nearly 4 years of being happily married we decided take the plunge and start a little family of our own. After a positive pregnancy test in April 2013, we excitedly started planning for our bundle of joy to arrive around December 25th. Unfortunately, our little love was not meant to be... we suffered a miscarriage in early June.

After getting back in the saddle, we were thrilled to get another positive pregnancy test in September 2013.  We eagerly await each doctor's appointment because we love watching our little one grow, and we are excitedly counting down to May 2014!

This blog is our way of documenting our journey -- the good and bad -- to help ourselves process our feelings, share our story, and hopefully help others who are facing similar experiences. Whether you stumbled upon this diary by happenstance, or you're a regular reader, we'd love to hear from you!

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