Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Ultrasound

Today was our first ultrasound! I was pretty nervous but glad that the Mr. was there with me. I hopped up on the table, the tech rubbed some cold jelly on my belly and moved the wand around. She couldn’t pick anything up that way (which I knew in my head was pretty common this early, though I still got more nervous...) so tried it the “other” way. The screen showed some black and white shapes, and I saw what looked like 2 circles. For a second I thought that might mean 2 babies and for the first time I think I understood what it must’ve felt like for Jen when she found out she was having twins! (I still remember the day she called me with the news -- I shrieked and jumped out of my desk at work with excitement and she seemed shell-shocked.) To make things more suspenseful the tech asked “Do you see what I see?” and I had no idea what that meant or if that was her way of hinting there might be more than one baby!!! I guess the Mr.'s jokes over the past couple years about me having triplets got to me! I replied, “I don’t know - what do you see?” and she pointed out the fetus. It turns out the other circle I saw was the yolk sac -- phew! ;) The heartbeat was 141 beats (which is good -- the optimal pace is between 120-160, so we’re right in the middle!) and the length measured 7w2d. That’s 5 days smaller than we thought (I thought today was the start of my 8th week) but with measurements that small I guess it’s hard to be precisely accurate to the day. The tech assured us that a 5 day discrepancy was nothing to be alarmed at.

We went home with 2 photos for us, and 1 for each of the moms! We are going to put one in each of their cards for this weekend’s mother’s day surprise.   :)

Unfortunately, there was some kind of scheduling snafu and so I didn’t get to meet with the doctor today, but we scheduled my “first OB appt” for Tuesday afternoon.

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