Thursday, November 21, 2013

13 Weeks

Hello.  I'm the husband.  Nicole's husband and proud (and very nervous) father-to-be.  Ms. Preggers asked me to post an update on this blog about how she's doing.  She's doing well, and just hit 13 1/2 weeks. Apparently our baby is the size of a peach.

What's with all these fruit analogies?  Last week it was a lime, and then a kiwi the week before that or something.  It seems like every week we hit another section of the produce aisle.  Anyway, our little pomegranate has still been causing Nicole continued nausea and tiredness. Nicole hasn't had it easy, because she was sent to London (UK) for work and travelling is not fun with our little kumquat.  Hence the lack of blog posts.  We are both in London now (I'm just tagging along) and should be back in the US next week right before Thanksgiving.  She's asleep right now!  Nicole and I went to her doctor's just before we left for the UK and the doctor said everything was fine.  The doctor listened to our coconut's heart beat with a little stick and said it was normal.  Oh, and Nicole got pants with an elastic waistband.  Wait, am I supposed to say that?  I mean, I don't know.  Besides the nausea and tiredness (which I understand *might* start to wane now that we're in the 2nd trimester) Nicole is in good spirits, though nervous about every little twitch and pain, which I understand after what happened previously.  I try to be supportive as best I can for her sake and the sake of our happy little strawberry.  I love them both very much.  We haven't told our extended families yet but plan to do that at Thanksgiving.  So that should be fun.  I hope that's a decent enough update for everyone.

PS  No, we haven't seen the Queen.  Yet.               


  1. great to have an update. Love all the fruit analogies - yes, by the time baby is ready to be born, it will be the size of a watermelon!!! Yes...a watermelon. I am really happy to hear that everything is okay as Nicole has been on my mind a lot. Yay for reaching second trimester and hearing a beautiful heartbeat. London sounds fabulous, but I suppose it isn't quite as enjoyable when your stomach is unsettled and you're worrying about your bean. Thanks so much for keeping us updated and continued prayers coming your way.


  2. How fun to hear from the man behind it all! Congrats, papa! Glad to hear that Nicole and baby bean are doing great! I was getting worried. Her exhaustion and sickness will hopefully ease up soon! Love the little produce nicknames, by the way!


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