Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

chowing down on pumpkin pancakes, stealing candy, and generally enjoying the spookyness!
Hope everyone had a fun and safe day!  Shep and I tried our hand at lion taming, and let's just say..... the lion won!!  ROAR!!!!!!  At least I managed to get ONE photo with her head on.  ;)

Shep impressed us with his amazing carving skills this year.... a silly pumpkin face AND an owl!!  Emily loooooooooves owls..... one of her favorite animals, and she recognized it in the pumpkin carving right away!  Smart lady.  :)

Last weekend there was a kids' party and trick-or-treating in our apartment building.  Emily did some arts & crafts and then helped me hand out candy, until she decided to throw it all on the ground, which she found HILARIOUS!!!!


Yesterday we brought Em into my office for some costume fun, and today we attended a costume parade and contest in town!  Since little miss lion wouldn't keep her costume head on, we didn't participate, but we had fun watching!

TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!  Happy Halloween!


  1. So good to see an update from you! I check your blog for updates frequently and am bummed that you seem to be as busy as I am! Emily is the most adorable little lion around and getting so big! And I just love her hair. So pretty. I'd love to hear more about what fun she's been into lately!

    1. Hi!! It was so wonderful to hear from you!! Sorry I forgot to reply (though I did so in my head!) or check in with you lately -- these past few months have absolutely FLOWN BY!!! I really do want to get back to more frequent updates -- I miss blogging so much! I hope to get caught up with you soon too! Hope you're having a happy new year!!


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