Thursday, September 5, 2013

Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

{Just noting this down for my own records... feel free to disregard!  This is a really old post that I wrote up back in September but never published.... just want to publish it so the info doesn't get lost!  I'm using this blog as a way to connect with you fabulous ladies but also as a personal journal of sorts, so apologies for backtracking!}

I have Jury Duty tomorrow and really should be finishing up my work / figuring out how to get to the courthouse in the morning, but I can't help sitting here Googling symptoms and wondering {hoping really... }: Could I be pregnant???

I've noticed the following set of symptoms over the past week or so, and if I'm remembering correctly these are the same things I experienced back in April before we received our first positive pregnancy test!

- dull mild cramps
- gas
- tender breasts
- increased cervical fluid
- vivid dreams
- sensitive nipples/heavier breasts
- a touch of insomnia

It could be that my mind is playing tricks on me, like last month when I noticed morning-time nausea which I talked myself into thinking was morning sickness, even though it turned out I wasn't in fact pregnant.  Still no explanation for that nausea except wishful thinking... But this is a whole set of symptoms.  Am I pregnant?  Could it really be?  Or am I losing my mind completely?

I guess only time {and a scientifically-proven testing method} will tell...

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