Monday, September 7, 2015

Emily's Birthday Party

This post is 3 months late, but I'm still working on getting back in the saddle, so we're not going to dwell on that...  ;)

In honor of Emily's first birthday, we hosted a super fun pastel rainbow-themed party for our little lady.  We invited all of our extended family members, close friends, and some of Emily's baby buddies too.  :)  It was a great celebration!!!

Here's a glimpse of her invitation, which I purchased on Etsy and printed at a local print shop.

I made great use of Emily's monthly photos for the back!

The party was at a restaurant overlooking the water.  It was a sunny, clear June day so we enjoyed the beautiful views with yummy foods!

My cousin, who is Emily's godmother, made the birthday cake and matching mini cupcakes.  They were as delicious as they were beautiful!

To keep the many kids {and adults who are young at heart!} entertained, there was a balloon artist, a magician and a musician.  Sooooo many fun things going on!  The balloon artist was beyond talented, creating jet packs out of latex, and the magician was funny as well as daring, cracking jokes while tossing knives in the air - gulp!  The musician is a woman I met through my local mom's group, and as I expected all the kiddies loved her melodic voice and ukulele!

Emily was gifted with SOOOO many beautiful and special items.  She has some VERY generous friends and family!

We had candy favors for adults {starbursts and kisses} and some fun goody bags for the kids {a mix of mini board books, bath toys, candy, temporary tattoos, coloring books, pencils and silly straws depending on the age} as a token of appreciation for helping Emily celebrate her big day.

The three of us had such a great time...

. . . and Emily was the belle of the ball!!!

We'll always remember her first year -- lots of firsts, lots of memories -- ending with an exciting first birthday spent at the zoo, and an awesome party to celebrate our little girl!

*** All photographs are courtesy of Shep's incredibly talented photographer cousin, Robert at ***


  1. What a fun party!! I love her birthday outfit, especially the tutu :) Sounds like she had a BIG day -- isn't it so amazing to have all the people who truly and genuinely love your kid in the same room together? Looks like she had a great day, and I'm sure you and Shep did, too! I would have loved to have seen the magician....sounds very entertaining, especially the knives, lol! Time to start planning for her 2nd birthday's only 8.5 months away!

    1. Wasn't that tutu adorable??? Boy, do I love Etsy!!! In fact, that inspires me to do another post! ;)

      I don't think we're going to be doing another big party like that for her 2nd bday! Maybe she'll have a "kiddie only" party which would be a lot easier to plan. :)

  2. Great first birthday party!! Everything looks AMAZING!!


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