Tuesday, January 28, 2014

23 Weeks


Well, baby is certainly moving around a lot!  My mom has nicknamed her future grandchild "the karate kid" because of how much kicking s/he does all the time, and I think that's an accurate description!

In terms of symptoms, my tummy has really popped!  I look like I swallowed a soccer ball, so it's now pretty clear to people who see me that I'm pregnant.  Right now, I'm still able to fit into my long down winter coat, and I'm hoping I can keep wearing it because it has been COLD here.  I'm also able to fit into most of my longer pre-pregnancy sweaters, along with the maternity sweaters I have, so I'm still doing pretty well in terms of clothing options.

It's odd because though I'm obviously pregnant to anyone else who sees me, sometimes in my head I forget my stomach protrudes as much as it does.  In our apartment we have a mirror on the bathroom wall at the end of a hallway, and when the door is open I can see myself walking toward the mirror.  In a 2 dimensional reflection, from the front it doesn't look like I'm really that pregnant at all but then when I turn and see my profile I keep getting surprised!

I still feel pretty nauseous on a regular basis, and am planning to try acupuncture out again to see if the second visit does that trick.  I also still have incessant stuffy nose, and definitely have experienced bloody nose blows {thanks expanding blood vessels!}.

This weekend we're planning to go to a local baby store to test drive some strollers -- I hope it goes more smoothly than our first Buy Buy Baby visit!

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