Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gift Ideas for Expectant Parents

All the incredibly sweet and thoughtful gifts I received this Christmas gave me the idea to write out a little "gift list idea guide for expectant parents"!  So without further ado, here goes...

My BFF gifted me this beautiful Willow Tree "Home" figurine:
I especially love the description from the artist, "Together, our family is home", which you can read here.  Coincidentally, for our engagement 6 years ago, my aunt gave us the Willow Tree "Together" figurine, and my godmother and mom each gave us various pieces of the Willow Tree nativity set over the past couple Christmases -- all of which I love -- so I'm very excited to add this one to our collection!  ... Even though Shep keeps trying to put the Willow Tree couple figurine IN the nativity set at Christmas, and then I keep taking it away...  it's kind of become a game at this point.  I'm sure he's going to put this one in there now, too!

Speaking of my other half...

My always thoughtful and super sweet hubby surprised me with this ornament for our tree this year:

He also got me this funny t-shirt, which is very appropriate since I work for a tech company:
But I wasn't the only one who got some new clothing!  Shep is now sporting some super nice pre-baby-wear of his own!
And, because apparently great minds think alike, I got him this ornament:

Well, there you have it!  A great gift list for expectant parents, if I do say so myself!!!  Any readers out there have any other advice or suggestions??  I'd love to hear them!


  1. I LOVE the willow tree figurines! I was kind of hoping someone would buy us the expecting one, but no such luck. I just might have to go buy it for myself :-) Oh, and your baby is absolutely beautiful! Your u/s picture is so clear! I got my hubby "The Power of a Praying Parent" book for Christmas and we love that it helps us focus on what to pray for our little one. Other than that, we didn't get too many "baby" gifts besides a cute ultrasound ornament from my coworker.

    1. It's funny that you said that because I was really hoping someone would buy us the expectant Willow Tree figurine for Christmas, and was really surprised when my mom or aunt didn't. It wasn't until this past weekend that we went to CT to visit by BFF that she surprised me with it! But I was TOTALLY going to buy it for myself if nobody got it for us! haha

      While I wish that my U/S picture was that clear, that's actually the photo from their website that comes with the frame... oops! Sorry I didn't say that! On a related note, I still haven't actually put our U/S pic in the frame... the one that came with it is still in there....

      How sweet of your co-worker to give you an ultrasound Christmas ornament -- that's so thoughtful!

  2. I did put the Willow Tree figures in the nativity.


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