Friday, January 3, 2014

Reactions, Part I

Nicole asked me to recount the reactions of various people whom we've told about our pregnancy.

In no particular order, here are some of the more, ahem, memorable quotes:

  1. Nicole's mother:  "Yay!  Again?  Yay!!"
  2. My mother:  Cried, then said "Why did you tell me at a restaurant?"
  3. Nicole's BFF Jen:  "Congratulations!!!!  Is it weird that I want to go to your ultrasound?"
  4. Nicole's nearly-92-year old Grandmother:  Shocked, put both hands on her head and yelled "OH MY GOD!"; then asked Nicole's aunt who the father was.  (We won't take this one personally -- she is turning 92 this weekend!)
  5. Our Accountant:  "How did this happen?  I thought all you guys did was work?"
  6. Our Dry Cleaner:  Cried, then gave our dry cleaning for free.
  7. Nicole's Co-Worker:  Sat with mouth completely agape for 30 full seconds on a videoconference.
  8. My Boss & His Wife:   My boss wanted to know if he was the last to know.  His wife then gave us fudge and offered to babysit "anytime, day or night".
  9. My friend from High School:  "Was that a joke?  I think you should say it again because everyone thinks you were kidding." (After making a quasi-announcement in the midst of our holiday party white elephant gift exchange.)
  10. My Idiot Male Friend #1:  "Good job.  I thought you were shooting blanks this whole time."
  11. My Idiot Male Friend #2:  "Congratulations!  You guys are screwed..." (He has 2 small children.)
  12. My Aunt #1:  "It's definitely a girl!", to which My Aunt #2 replied:  "It's definitely a boy!"


  1. So cute! I love the comment best: "How'd this happen?" LOL!! So exciting for you both.

    1. It is a funny comment, isn't it?! Especially from an accountant!!!!

  2. This is really cute! Love 92 year old grandma's! My hubby's grandma still can't process the fact that we're when she gets told every time she talks to us that we're having a baby, she has to ask if we're married! I wish we would have recorded that reactions.

    1. It's so funny that you said that bc we called my grandma Sunday night for her birthday and of course she'd forgotten that we were having a baby but asked if we were married! I guess it's a grandma thing. ;) As I told her, grandmas at that age can say and ask whatever they want -- they've earned it!


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