Thursday, February 27, 2014

I passed!

Since I didn't hear anything from my OB's office, and wanted to ensure I could indulge in some virgin frozen drinks and otherwise enjoy our babymoon without worry, I gave the nurse a ring before we left for our trip to check up on the results of the glucose and iron tests done at my latest appointment.

The great news is that I passed my GTT with flying colors!  Woohoo!!

Though that orange drink they had me chug was not exactly my first choice of beverage, I didn't feel any different physically after drinking it, but I didn't know if that meant anything or not in terms of what the results would indicate.  I've heard of otherwise healthy women who find themselves diagnosed with gestational diabetes out of the blue during pregnancy, so was very relieved to learn that I passed the test.  Phew, one hurdle under my belt!

In terms of my iron levels, this is something I've been pretty concerned about lately, for several reasons:
(1) I've had iron-deficient anemia issues in the past few years, pre-pregnancy.
(2) I've noticed lately over the past month or so that my fingernails have a special talent for turning very blue/purplish, on what seems to me like random occasions, moreso than they normally do when I get extremely cold.
(3) I'm super tired, but what else is new.  ;)
(4) I've heard several horror stories at work about women who were iron deficient, who almost died, or needed several units of blood transfused, due to extreme blood loss during delivery.

Apparently my iron measurement was 10.9, and the normal range is 11-15, so I'm just under the normal range.  The nurse wasn't concerned, and explained that the doctor hadn't seen the results yet, but would be in touch if any follow-up was needed.  Since I haven't heard back from the doctor, I don't think they're going to prescribe me any iron supplements to take, so I've decided to take it upon myself to increase my iron consumption through food where possible.  Quaker has a cereal called "Oatmeal Squares" that has 90% of the daily required iron.  It comes in Cinnamon flavor and it's actually pretty tasty!

I've also tried to eat a little more red meat, spinach and egg yolks, all of which contain iron.  So, I'm hoping that by concentrating on eating more foods with iron, I can raise my iron levels on my own enough to put me in the clear.  Wish me luck!

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