Thursday, August 14, 2014

12 Weeks New!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I feel like I should pinch myself -- I'm the luckiest that I get to spend every day loving this little cutie pie . . .

She may be just 12 weeks new, but I honestly can't imagine my life without her in it.  She brings so many smiles to our home and to our hearts.  I think I tell her how cute she is and how much I love her about 12 times a day.  Times ten.  ;)

Emily's favorite activities of the past week include:
- Shoving her little hands into her mouth and sucking on them so LOUDLY it makes me giggle
- Sucking on my shoulder or arm while I'm holding her
- Pulling my hair and holding on to my shirt -- she may still have tiny fingers but she has one strong grip!!
- Gabbing to herself and to us -- she's quite a talker!
- Sticking her tongue out {I may have something to do with this one as I do it to her to make her laugh!}
- Trying to walk up our bellies or chests
- Smiling and laughing when waking up from her naps
- Trying to sit up on her own
- Rounding her tummy and pushing up on her legs while getting her diaper changed -- not sure where she got this one from but she seems so proud of herself when she does it, despite it making mommy and daddy nervous that she's going to hurt her neck!
- Touching her hands to her feet when laying on her back
- Staring up at the sky when outside for walks
- Playing peek-a-boo, especially when she's getting dressed
- Listening to nursery rhymes
- Making a lot of noises, including little grunts and monster sounds.  Speaking of little monsters...

How cute is she?!?!

She's been sleeping pretty well at night, and I even got her to take several naps this weekend and during the week in her pack-n-play..... shocking!!  She can entertain herself a bit when she wakes up in the morning and from naps.  She is just so curious and takes everything in that she can see, hear or touch.

Happy 12 Week Birthday, Baby!


  1. I know I tell you how cute your little Emily is all of the time, but seriously, she is ADORABLE! I know you are so in love! I can't believe she is already three months old. Time is just flying by!

    1. Hahahaha, I never get tired of hearing it, so THANK YOU!!! I happen to agree, of course!! ;)


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