Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Emily had a big weekend!  On Saturday she met her Great Aunt Barbara and her cousin Myles!  Of course Emily had to dress for the occasion...

Every lady needs a little black dress for a special Saturday!  :)  Don't let the ruffles and ribbons fool you, though, because she is one tough cookie!  She loves to show off her strength by lifting her head and pulling herself up, even though she's not yet even 12 weeks old!

On Saturday night she slept from 10 pm until after 6 am.... an 8+ hour stretch and her new sleep record!

On Sunday, Daddy painted Emily's new bookshelf and hung a picture ledge in her nursery.  Now we can decorate her room with all the wonderful little mementos she's gotten from loved ones!

Last night she did an encore sleep performance and slept from 10:20 pm until 6:10 am!  She must have been tuckered out from all the weekend excitement.  :)


  1. I LOVE the little dress :-) Way too cute! I'm going to need a little girl next!
    Way to be an awesome sleeper, little Emily! I bet that feels good for both you and mommy!
    Looks like she's going to be a tough little girl! She'll be cruising around before you know it.

    1. Thanks!! Not sure if you've seen them, but they make the CUTEST tuxedo onesies for little boys! Kylan and Emily can dress up together! ;)

  2. The quilt gals were soooo excited to see Em in her little black dress! Wow for the long sleep time- 3 months is the magic # for a "semi" routine. I miss her lots and send hugs. She not only is strong but she has some serious muscle definition in those arms (future golfer?? tennis player??) xoxox

  3. Love that little black dress! She's so adorable!

  4. Replies
    1. It is pretty darn cute, isn't it?! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!


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