Saturday, December 20, 2014

30 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big 3-0!!!  Oh wait, I don't think that magical number is as big of a deal for babies as it is for some adults {ahem....}


This baby is as active as she is adorable, so you can just imagine how tricky it's getting to take her photo!  But somehow I still manage.  ;)

This was an exciting week in our home!  Mommy & Daddy got Emily her first Christmas tree!

I'm not quite sure she knew what to make of it {except that it's impeding on her play space}, but we think she generally likes it!

She also tried pears, which she instantly LOVED!!!!  She was licking her fingers to get every last bit!

Emily also tried carrots this week, which she liked as well!  Especially smeared all over her face...

And of course since she has approximately 79 Christmas outfits {I'm exaggerating a little bit....}, she's already been very festively dressed fashionista!

To celebrate the lights being strung up on the tree!
Rudolph's bestie
My Elf-On-A-Shelf Candy Cane Striper
#truth #notholdingmybreath
Looks like someone is posturing for extra presents!  #smartgirl #santaspet #thatsmygirl
I'm relieved to say, the little bambina survived her first cold, which was rough!!!  Her nose was dripping like a faucet for a week straight, and despite all the many doodad thingamajiggies we have to "easily" remove boogies from a baby's button nose, it was nearly impossible to pin her down!  This meme could not be more perfect!!!

Once Emily was feeling better, she was back to her old silly, fun self!  Mommy taught her how to play catch, which she got a biiiiiiig kick out of!

Who knows what tricks she'll learn next!  :)

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  1. sooo cute!!! she is getting so big! how time flies!! merry xmas xx


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