Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daycare Day #3

After debating whether I should continue with the 5-6 hours per day dropoff schedule after Emily's rough day on Tuesday, I decided to press forward.  I didn't know for sure if I could stomach it, but she's going to have to get used to daycare eventually, so I figured I may as well not send her the incorrect message that if she doesn't like it, it'll go away.  Ahhhhh, if only life were that simple.  ;)

I left Emily at daycare until 3:30 yesterday, which was a total of 6 hours.   She drank a grand total of 5 oz of milk during that time, which was slightly better than the day before.   The teachers said she drinks it eventually, they just have to keep squeezing it into her mouth every so often to remind her to suck it and grab her attention again.

When I walked in to pick her up, one of the teachers was carrying her around.  When Emily saw me appear for pick-up she didn't cry, nor did she smile; she immediately reached for me and did one of her little grunt moans.  I went to kiss her and noticed she had the trace of a tear stream on her cheek.   I asked if she'd been crying and the teacher said she was because she wanted to be held.  I guess it's good news that at least they did pick her up to give her a little extra cuddling.  I know they can't do that with every baby all the time, but I'm hoping that they give her a little extra attention during her first couple weeks.  She normally is very independent and doesn't really ask to be held during the day at home, so I think she's just looking for some extra comfort in the new environment.  If I had to rate it, I'd say Wednesday was slightly better than Tuesday, though not as successful as Monday.


  1. You're doing a great job! Good for you for hanging in there and having her go again today....hopefully that will make the transition easier (for her, and for you). I'm glad that thing were better on Wednesday than Tuesday...hopefully that will continue and she will get used to her new routine during the day. And, I bet she'll be super excited to see you every day when you get home from work, so that'll be extra-special time for you both. Hang in there, you're an awesome mama and Emily is a lucky girl to have you looking out for her!! :)

    1. I just realized I never replied back to your comment here! Ugh, I'm sorry!!! When I got this note from you it REALLY helped cheer me up. Thank you SOOOOOO much for being such a great supporter!!


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