Tuesday, February 3, 2015

36 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gosh, I remember being 36 weeks pregnant like it was just yesterday.  Me, with a big 'ole belly:

Well, this is what 36 weeks out of the womb looks like!

Much more photogenic.  ;)

Emily is 36 weeks young and loving life!  She celebrated her day by smiling {i.e. not crying} at both drop-off AND pick-up at daycare!  Yay!!!  That made for one relieved Mommy.  :)

Emily celebrated her 250 day birthday on 1/27/15!  WOW, what a milestone!  This was the day she stood independently for several seconds for the first time.  We also had our first "snow day".  The forecast called for a blizzard, so Mommy & Daddy's offices both closed.  We didn't go outside to play because it was realllllly cold, but we had our own fun shenanigans inside.  :)

On top of all that excitement, Emily tried lentil puree for the first time and LOVED it!  It was the first time she's finished an entire 4 oz jar at one sitting, and she practically licked the bowl clean.  ;)  Emily finished the day off on a high note when she woke up at 11pm in her crib, sat up and moaned for 1-2 minutes and then LAID DOWN AND WENT BACK TO SLEEP ON HER OWN!!!  All in all, it was a day for the memory books for sure.  ;)

Emily also had a play date with her 4 month old friend Sloane!  :)

What a fun-filled week!

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