Wednesday, April 30, 2014

36 Weeks

Helllloooooooooo Honeydew!  {Picture that in Oprah's signature voice.}

Symptom tracking:
  • Trouble sleeping: Sunday and Monday nights were particularly bad.  I simply could not get comfortable, no matter how many pillows I used, how I proppsed myself up, or how many times I tossed and turned.  Sunday morning I got up out of bed at 6:30 am after I realized laying there was not going to induce more sleep.  Yesterday morning I willed myself to go back to sleep from 5 am - 6:30 am, and finally did for an hour or so at about 8 am.  Thankfully, last night brought a bit more sleep and I was able to sleep some more this morning after Shep left for work, so I'm feeling semi-normal again today.  I guess on the bright side maybe this practice with lack of sleep will make the frequent feedings less hard since I'm already used to being a zombie? Maybe? I'm hoping. ;)
  • Swelling in right foot/ankle:  I've been lucky in that I haven't had to deal with much swelling so far during this pregnancy.  But, over the past week or so I've definitely noticed some puffyness, especially in my right foot, on almost a daily basis.  I've been gulping down extra water and propping my foot up when I notice it to help ease the swelling.  Yesterday the swelling was pretty bad; I'd say the worst it has been to date.  But, today it's better.  I'm just thankful I haven't had to deal with this throughout more of the pregnancy.... I feel for women pregnant in the hot summer!
  • Frequent peeing:  Like, 6 times per night!!!  It's insanity.  But it's expected and normal, so I'm trying to be cool with the many potty trips that are definitely not helping me sleep any better.  :)
In other news, baby has dropped!  WOOHOO!!!!  Shep and I have been a bit concerned about that since I've still felt a lot of moving around and what I thought was kicking way down low as recent as this past weekend.  But, according to my OB, the baby's head is in the down position {let's hope it stays that way!} and is in my pelvic area where s/he belongs, which was a big relief for us to hear!  When I asked the doctor if this meant baby might be coming soon, her response was:  "Nope, it just means you have a nicely-shaped pelvis".  Um, thanks I think??  Due to this new development, it's a bit easier to breathe {yay!}, but those many potty trips are becoming even more frequent {if that's even possible!}.  According to the Pampers website, my uterus is now 1,000 times its original volume!  Wowzers!  From here on out, I will have weekly doctor visits until baby arrives!

This week I got my Group B streptococcus (GBS) test, and the results will be ready by my next appointment.  If I test positive, they'll administer antibiotics to me through an IV for at least 4 hours before baby is delivered, to prevent the bacteria from passing to baby during delivery.  According to the American Pregnancy Association, approximately 25% of healthy adult women carry this infection.  Though the bacterial infection is not harmful to adults, if passed to baby it can cause severe breathing and other complications, which is why physicians include GBS testing as a routine part of prenatal care during the late third trimester.

To-Dos on the agenda:
  • Write and send out baby shower thank-you notes
  • Purchase remaining items for and pack my hospital bag
  • Wash and put new waterproof mattress pad on our bed
  • Pre-register with the hospital {turns out my OB office did this for us; score!}
  • Install baby's car seat
  • Review childbirth class materials & practice breathing/relaxation techniques
  • Fill out birth preferences sheet
  • Prepare short list of baby names
  • Wash baby's crib skirt, sheets and changing pad covers
  • Start washing baby's clothing!
My first week of maternity leave is going pretty well.... I haven't really gotten much done at home yet this week, but I have been able to catch up on some television, keep my foot propped up, do a little bit of laundry, and start writing out my baby shower thank-you notes.  I still have lots more to do, but I'm taking things one task at a time.  Either it will all get done, or it won't!  Baby doesn't care whether the to-do list is complete or not... s/he will make an appearance when ready!  :)

Bump Watch Alert:
Whoa, belly!


  1. Hey there! You look so cute with your 36 week baby belly!! (must be due to your "nicely-shaped pelvis", hahaha, too funny!) It really won't be long til you'll be meeting your baby :) I hope your li'l Honeydew decides to stay head down until his/her birthday....fingers crossed! I'm so glad you're on maternity leave so you can get some things done before the baby arrives....sounds like your "to-do" list will keep you pretty busy between now and then....but it's all fun stuff! I'm glad you're feeling okay and things are going well....I can't believe you have to get up 6 times a night to pee!! (but thanks, you made me feel much better about the 4 times a night I've been getting up, lol!). And,I totally agree with you.... think the current lack of sleep is preparing us for our futures as (temporary!) mommy zombies :) Love getting your updates and am so excited for you!

    1. Hi Allie, I'm so glad to hear from you! I hope that you and your twins are doing well, too! The time really flies -- it's unbelievable! July will be here before YOU know it! :)

  2. Woah! I can't believe you are already 36 weeks! You're going to meet that little one SO soon! You look awesome, by the way. Sorry that the sleep is so rough...but like you said, it will prepare you for the sleepless nights ahead. :-)

    1. Thanks so much, jojocardosa! I feel lucky to be following you on your journey into motherhood with little Kylan... it's like an inside sneak peak at my life in about a month! :) And, I think I'm actually getting used to the lack of sleep.... though I'm sure it will still be hard to deal with once baby arrives, I have no sleep, and I actually have to function! Now, I'm pretty much just being lazy all day. :)

  3. Not long to go now honey! so excited for you! can't wait to see baby and find out what your having! xx char

    1. Thanks so much, Char!! Not long to go at all!


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