Thursday, February 19, 2015

38 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 12, 2015

I remember being 38 weeks pregnant like it was yesterday.  Of course there was my biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig belly.  We were nervous, but soooooooo excited to meet our little one.

Of course it wasn't yesterday, it was months ago!  And now at 38 weeks young, Emily is such a cuddly cutie pie!!

Where the heck does the time go????

Emily had a rough week leading up to her 38 week birthday..... sick again.  :(  The official diagnosis was bronchiolitis which is basically a really bad chest cold.  She also had a DOUBLE ear infection!! My poor sweet baby....

Luckily, she's feeling all better now!  I hate to jinx myself, but I reallllllly hope she stays that way for at least a little while longer this time!

Despite feeling under the weather, her sparkly personality never wavered.  Even with a stuffy, runny nose and sore ears, this kid was still her happy self for the most part.  She's a real pip, and doesn't let a little cold get in the way of her playtime, or standing time!  Or "helping" Mommy with the laundry {by taking each item out of her hamper one by one and dropping it on the floor}...

Emily tried pureed rutabaga for the first time, and wasn't a big fan.  Though I have to say, she hasn't really been interested in solids much at all while she's been feeling sick, so we can't rule it out yet.  ;)
Emily took one of her longest naps ever -- 1 hour and 40 minutes -- in her Daddy's lap last weekend.  Such a cozy lap that she didn't want to wake up!  I am sure she needed the rest though to help her get better, so am thankful that her Daddy cuddled her for so long.  :)  Those two are so adorable together, I swear it melts my heart.

It's crazy to me to think that at this point Emily's almost been "out in the world" longer than she was in the womb!  That day is coming up so fast, it's scary!  It's nearly impossible to remember life B.E.  Before Emily was not as fun {or exhausting!} as with Emily.  ;)


  1. Glad she's feeling all better! It stinks that our babies have to get sick. At just six weeks old, my Owen developed a cold that has now turned into the croup. He has the most awful cough for such a little guy. Your Emily is so precious...can't believe how big she is.

    1. It is so hard seeing our little ones sick!! I am so sorry to hear that Owen has croup!! That must be awful!!! Sending lots of hugs and virtual infant-friendly chicken soup your way!! ;)


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