Monday, May 12, 2014

38 Weeks!

Hello, pumkpin!
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In terms of symptoms, I still have a bit of swelling in my right foot, but I've noticed it's actually not as bad if I walk around outside for a bit or keep my foot elevated while sitting.  I'm also still having that PMS-achy feeling in my abdomen, mostly at night.  The doctor said last week that this might be my version of Braxton Hicks contractions.  I was surprised by this diagnosis because it doesn't actually feel like a tightening or contracting of my uterus though so much as a light ache, but this does make sense given that the body naturally releases more oxytocin at night, and that's when I typically feel it.  Though I'm thankfully down to about 3 potty breaks a night on average these days {from 6, phew!}, I'm still having a bit of difficulty sleeping because I can't get or stay comfortable for long thanks to these lovely aches.  I've been alternating between laying on my side and propping myself up against the wall using a husband pillow, trying my best not to wake hubby too much as I toss and turn around, since he's still got to get up for work every morning!  It helps a lot that I'm able to sleep late in the morning; I find this is when I get most of my sleep so I actually don't feel as exhausted as I was feeling a couple weeks ago.

Shockingly, baby is still very active and moving around a lot, despite the fact that it must be cramped quarters in there!  I'm glad this little one is still having a jolly good time in my belly; I just hope s/he keeps its head down!  I'm really curious to see how squirmy and squigly this baby is outside of the womb, and whether the "real world" activity level will be the same or totally different than in utero!

So far, no signs of labor that I can determine.  We'll see what the doc says tomorrow though!  I'm certainly not in a hurry; practically though I'm not sure how much longer I can walk waddle around carrying this pumpkin before I tip forward!  I'm huge!

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To-Do List:

In other news, we have made some EXCELLENT progress on our to-do list over the past several days.  Here's where things currently stand:

Baby Prep To-Do List:
  • Finish baby shower thank-you notes
  • Type out birth preferences sheet & put in hospital bag
  • Print out calming photos to use as focal points
  • Pack my hospital bag
  • Pack Shep's hospital bag
  • Install baby's car seat
  • Get postpartum supplies for me
  • Finish washing and putting away baby's clothes & linens
  • Assemble glider & ottoman
  • Assemble baby swing
  • Assemble baby stroller
  • Buy small bookshelf for baby's new library {it still needs to be painted but that can wait!}
  • Review childbirth class materials & practice breathing/relaxation techniques {in progress}
  • Prepare short list of baby names {in progress}
  • Create song play list for delivery room {in progress}

P.S. -- If anyone reading has yet to fill out your hunch about baby's gender and arrival information, time is ticking!  :)


  1. Wow! Baby is the size of a pumpkin!! Can't wait to hear what the doc has to say about your progress! You are definitely in the home stretch now and I can't wait. Btw. I am super impressed with all the items crossed off of your list. Hurry up now, little baby! We're all waiting!!

  2. You look great!! So glad you're doing well and hopefully you'll get a good idea of how things are looking at your doctor appointment tomorrow! You've definitely made SO MUCH progress on your to-do list....way to go!! Glad your potty breaks are decreasing, lol! It's crazy how getting up at all hours of the night to go pee becomes the new normal, lol! Can't wait for your next update!! :)

  3. not long to go now! you look amazing :)

  4. Eee! Any day now! Your bump is amazing. I'm so excited for you and eager to hear news of this little one's arrival!

  5. Thanks so much, ladies!!! Your encouragement and support means so much, and has definitely helped keep me motivated! Hugs to all of you!


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