Sunday, June 9, 2013


While visiting my favorite family with twin girls in CT this weekend, I had some more stomach cramps, bleeding and headaches. Sunday morning I was laying on the couch and something happened to prompt my husband to refer to me as a baby (not in a mean way).  Natalie’s response was: "no she's not a baby, she's a mom. and you're a dad." She didn't know any better. She was probably mixing the words mom and dad with adult in her head. But it hurt really bad nonetheless, to hear her and know she was wrong. Oh how I wish she was right... Tonight while walking home from dinner, a black cat appeared on the opposite side of the street. Hubby pointed it out to me right before the cat decided to cross the street to the side we were walking on. Not needing any more bad luck in my life (e.g., a black cat crosses your path), I ran forward a few yards to avoid letting the cat cross my path, while yelling "don't you dare you mother F-er". Yeah, I know I’m crazy.


  1. I just found your blog today. I experienced a MMC at 13 weeks in early May and an assumed ectopic in August. This made me laugh as it reminded me of something that happened last weekend. I live in the bible belt, and last weekend I was driving alone to visit our new baby nephew (I know...stab me in the chest). They've recently put up all of these Pro Life billboards that have sayings such as "a baby's heart starts beating 18 days after conception." These always set me off because the sign fails to mention that sometimes the heart stops 96 days after conception. I swore out that sign and the maker of that sign for about 10 miles.

    1. I'm so very sorry for your loss. A MMC at 13 weeks must have been incredibly difficult to go through, and then you went through an ectopic too?! I'm so sorry. I hope physically you're feeling okay at this point! It's odd how an otherwise normal, sane person can turn into someone who curses at cats or inanimate objects?! Ugh -- it's just a hard thing to have to deal with. Sorry you had to see that sign... I'm sure it was hard seeing as you were already on your way to visit your baby nephew, which I'm sure was emotional. Thanks so much for sharing your story and for stopping by!


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