Wednesday, September 17, 2014

16 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm super late with this update, but better late than never!  Last Thursday, Emily reached 16 weeks of age!

She decided to ring in the week with a new skill..... eating her feet!

Ever since she started rolling onto her tummy, she spends most of her time trying to crawl!  She can lift her head waaaaaaaay up, along with her shoulders too.  She moves her arms and legs, while grunting, and it looks like she's swimming!  Though she technically can't crawl yet, she does pull herself across her mat {doing an "army crawl" as it's called} and can turn around in circles, so she's definitely not immobile!

She surprised me three times this week by falling asleep on her own in her swing, hugging Sophie and her burp cloth.  Such a nice treat, and she looked ADORABLE cuddling her little friend in the swing.  I tried to take a photo but it came out blurry due to the movement of the swing and I sure the heck wasn't going to chance turning the swing off to get the photo!  Next time.  ;)

This week has been full of drool.  Drool, drool and more drool.  Teething has started, and although it's early, it's in full force.  Her gums have been bothering her at night moreso than during the day, and sometimes interfering with her falling asleep.  Poor baby!  I don't know why I'm surprised that she's already teething -- she seems to be doing everything slightly ahead of schedule!  Not sure where this kid got all her energy from.... I guess my "lazy" gene didn't get passed down to her.  ;)


  1. Wow, she is definitely reaching milestones very quickly! I am very proud of her! What a cutie she is. Sounds like momma is going to have her hands full once she gets more mobile. I love it! How exciting! :D

  2. Emily is ready for action and her parents will be prepared! She is so alert and interested in is good.
    There should be a tee shirt with... "new life is good"!! I love that she continually challenges and delights you. What a lucky babe to have you as her moma.


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