Saturday, September 6, 2014

15 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week was full of excitement!

On the morning of August 31, Emily rolled onto her tummy for the first time!  As I mentioned in a prior post, she's been so close to doing it, but couldn't get those pesky knees out of the way.  Well, determination won out and after a few tries she got onto that tummy, and has been rolling over ever since!

Then on Sunday afternoon Emily met another of her great aunts {this time on Daddy's side} and a cousin too!

On Wednesday, baby girl had her first little giggle fit, which was so adorable.  She's been doing wide-open mouth silent laughs for a while, and has made little squeaks here and there over the past month.  But, this was totally different.  She was laying on her mat on her back, staring up at me.  It was unusual because she's resisted laying on her back since she figured out how to roll on Sunday.  I was looking at her, and she was looking back up at me with a serious expression, almost like she was pondering something or concentrating.  Then out of nowhere she started laughing!  The sound of her laughter was so pure and so sweet -- I got all misty-eyed!  I would give anything to know what she was thinking that got her to laugh so hard!  She hasn't done that since, but I cannot wait to hear that laugh again!

Thursday marked 15 weeks since Emily entered the world . . .

And what an amazing 15 weeks it's been.  Our little girl is reaching so many milestones sooo quickly!  Someone please stop the clock -- the time is just flying by!  I want her to stay little forever!


  1. So precious! She's so proud of herself, you can tell. Crawling won't be too far off now!

  2. Awww, how neat to see her roll over!! Good job, Emily!! She's getting so big....and she gets more and more adorable, too! :)

  3. She is a hard worker and undaunted by the task...complete determination and of course sooo adorable!!


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