Tuesday, April 21, 2015

47 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who has another tooth in that smiley little mouth of hers!!  Just one day before Emily decided to "officially" become a walker, her right lateral incisor broke through, after what seemed like a verrrrry long wait, for her and for us!  ;)

A new tooth and a new skill in one weekend?!  It was an exciting weekend, for sure!  It's no wonder that with all the excitement, someone had a hard time falling asleep for naps {more than usual} last week!

Emily put her brand new tooth to the test and chomped on some of Daddy’s homemade waffle, sliced pear and some bites of apple!

She also had a fun visit with her godfather Myles and her Great Aunt Barbara, who were here to witness Emily's first "8 step" walk event!

Later in the week, Mommy tried to get adventurous by giving Emily a hard carrot to chomp on.  While I think the gnawing helped her gums, she wasn't a fan of the actual taste...

She's really becoming quite a funny little lady -- such a prankster too!  For example, she helped me "re-organize" the tupperware cabinet this week:

Despite being sleepy and cutting a new tooth, Emily was very happy and squealed with delight throughout most of the week.  Even on rainy, dreary, tired days, her smile lights up the world!!  She really is a little cherub.  Here's one of my faves from this week:

Happy 47 weeks, Em!  xo


  1. Such a cutie! Won't be long for a birthday!

    1. I know, I can't believe that her first birthday is just a couple weeks away! Time is passing waaaay too quickly!


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