Monday, April 13, 2015

Emily the Walker!

Houston, we have lift-off!

Emily has officially walked for the first time!  And the second, and third....  ;)  She's been taking a couple random steps here and there every so often since late February, but until yesterday she hasn't reached the "4 or more consecutive steps at once" arbitrarily threshold we randomly set in order for it to count as walking.  We've been waiting with baited breath, and the time has come!!!

Emily is a walker!

To add to the excitement, Little Miss had an audience for her first 8-step walk!  Emily's great aunt, godfather and grandma were all here when she did it.  Ironically, her Daddy was right next to Emily when she walked for the first time, but he didn't quite see it since he was "resting his eyes" {a.k.a. Sunday snoozing on the couch!} when she decided to go for it.  Unfortunately for Shep, his nap was cut short when I yelped with excitement and poked him after witnessing my once-itty-bitty casually stroll toward the couch.  Ahhhh, I'm never going to let him live that one down!

Of course we then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get her to repeat her performance, with limited success.  I did manage to catch a few steps on camera though!  Don't let the wardrobe change fool you -- this was in fact the same day.  ;)

P.S. -- I'd like to brag point out that when Shep and I discussed this milestone several months ago, I predicted that she would walk by her 11 month birthday.  Bingo!!!!  And with 10 days to spare.  ;)  Lucky guess or mother's intuition??  ;)

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