Friday, April 24, 2015

48 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started Emily's 48th week by sending out her birthday invitations... gulp!  I guess the countdown to ONE has officially begun!!!

The weather finally started to warm up a bit, so last weekend we took Emily to the park.

Something was different about this park visit though..... this time, Emily wore shoes for the first time outside!

She went on the swing and had fun looking at all the big kids running around.  After she was done with the swing, we stood her up the ground.  She wasn't too sure what those “things” attached to her tootsies were though, and didn’t want to take any steps in them!  She might as well have been wearing cement shoes instead of silver ballet slippers.  Those edible biscuit-shaped feet wouldn't budge an inch!

On Sunday, we drove up to visit Shep's mom.  Emily took her very first museum visit, and got to see a bunch of animals, including turtles, fish, rabbits, a snake and a crow.

She also got some playtime in with some aunts and cousins on Shep's mother's side of the family, which was fun.  Emily had loooooooots of energy for all her visitors!

My little Em was a silly goose on Monday!  We spent the day together playing, reading, strolling, making silly faces, laughing and having fun.


All of our shenanigans must have worked up quite an appetite, because after dinner Emily ate some pear, and by the photo below you can see she certainly enjoyed it!  She was squeezing and squashing the pear all over herself, and having a blast, while taking little bites along the way!

Emily is teething -- AGAIN.  Or should I say still?  I'm starting to realize that the first 2 years of life are one long teething process, mixed with some other stuff in between.  ;)  Teething always throws Emily's sleep schedule out of wack, not that it's ever really in tip top shape to begin with.  ;)  I try to put her down for more frequent naps when she's teething or sick, because she doesn't sleep for very long.  Sometimes her discomfort interferes with her ability to fall asleep, but once she's finally sleep, she's a peaceful as a little angel...

"Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains." - Napoleon Bonaparte
On Tuesday, Daddy got splashed by a truck driving by on the walk to daycare, and Emily thought it was HILARIOUS!!!  I can just picture her cracking up, while he was dripping with rain puddle water.  Bleck!  I'm glad she has such a great sense of humor!  It's either going to come in really handy one day, or get her in a lot of trouble.  ;)

Emily had a great week at daycare!  She took a few really long naps, had fun reading books and playing with her classmates, went on some walks outside in the adorable baby-mobile they have, spent a little bit of time in the older baby room where she'll be moving in May, and spent time with her favorite teacher, Ms. N.  Sadly, Ms. N is moving down South and this was her last week at the center.  Ms. N has been soooooo wonderful with Emily since she started -- spoon feeding her milk when Em wouldn't drink from the bottle or sippy cup, rocking and humming her to sleep for her naps, and just generally being caring and attentive.  Emily LOVES her.  Shep has joked on numerous occasions that Ms. N could kidnap Emily without protest.  When he drops Emily off at daycare in the morning, Emily jumps out of his arms into Ms. N's arms.  That is the kind of thing that makes a mom feel easier about leaving her most precious bundle in someone else's care.  Needless to say, I was crushed on my daughter's behalf to hear that she was leaving.  I tried as best I could to thank Ms. N for all she's done for our family, but I don't know if it's possible to really thank someone adequately for caring for your child.  It was difficult for me to say goodbye this week, and it is going to be sooooo hard for Emily next week, not knowing where Ms. N is -- just that she's not there.  Unfortunately, Emily is too young to understand why Ms. N won't be there like she has been every day for the past few months, and Shep and I are both predicting a tear-filled drop-off week.  I just hope it's not too bad.  :(

Well, that sums up Week 48!  Stay tuned for Emily's 11 month update, yikes!!

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