Tuesday, May 12, 2015

11 Months Young!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's pretend it's still April 22nd, shall we?  ;)

All About Emily
  • Weighs over 21 lbs, 5 oz {80th percentile} and is 30 inches long {89th percentile!}!  Her head size is growing too.... 67th percentile!
  • Wearing size 4 diapers, 12 months footie pjs and 9-12 months clothing!
  • Has 6 teeth, with more on the way shortly I think!
  • Hair is long enough to pull back with a bow or mini spike pony!
  • Noticeable dimple on left cheek when she smiles big, which is often!  Emily has a big, open smile and sometimes likes to scrunch her nose up and smirk when she's happy too.  When she laughs, she makes a short burst "Ha Ha Ha" sound that is adorable!  :)
  • Walking more every day, and is pretty steady for a beginner!  Still a much faster crawler though, so if she's in a hurry you'll find her on all fours.  She also still does her little one-legged jig too!
  • Points her cute little index finger at everything!
  • Enjoys being around other babies and children.  Smiles and then shyly turns head away from people in the elevator, and also recently began waving!  She's definitely a friendly kid, and being around people seems to make her happy.
  • First official temper tantrum!  She was yelling and shaking -- it was quite a site!  Interestingly there was no "milestone" card for this in the collection we have.  ;)
  • Very recently been making the "S" and "F" sounds a lot throughout the day.
  • Started an impromptu game of "Hide & Seek" with me the other day while I was sorting laundry in our closet, and thought she was hysterical for sneaking up on me!
  • Explores the apartment more and loves getting into things she finds interesting! 

  • She especially likes tupperware, the recycling bin, laundry baskets and the washing machine!  And it won't be long until she figures out how to open our "babyproofed" cabinets!

  • Loves climbing over things and crouching under things!

  • Bites her forearm when teething.
  • Rests her right foot up on her stroller while we're out for walks.
  • Is a pro at using her sippy cup, and has started drinking water out if it more frequently.  Still prefers smooth purees to chunky purees and table foods, though she does eat puffs, teething wafers, apple off the core, and some bits of waffle when the mood strikes her.  She does pretty well at feeding herself the things she wants to eat, and she lets us know when she does not want to eat something!

  • Likes "helping" (i.e., getting involved in whatever we are doing).
  • Covers her face with my shirt when she's tired and nursing.  Also loves doing downward-facing dog pose {often with one leg up in the air} while nursing!
  • "Dances" by bopping up and down when music comes on!  This is absolutely my new favorite sight to see.... it is CUTE with a capital C!
  • LOVES looking at books -- she pulls all of our books out of her shelf and scatters them around.  She also sits quietly turning the pages and looking at the photos by herself for several minutes at a time!  We definitely have a bookworm on our hands!!

  • She's growing sooooo fast and changing every day.  All too soon this little lady will leave infancy behind and move onto toddlerhood!  Gulp!!!

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