Sunday, May 17, 2015

50 weeks young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy May!

As of last week, this little pigtailhead is 50 weeks young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mentioned in my last post that Emily got a baaaaaaaad stomach bug.  She was sick for several days, unable to hold anything down besides milk, but this kid didn't let that slow her down!  She was soooooo sick, but still playful as ever.  In fact, the pediatrician commented that she was "a little too playful" when we brought her in to get checked out!  {That's my girl!}  She did get mildly dehydrated, but we were luckily able to avoid a trip to the ER for IV fluids, although it was a very close call.  Unfortunately, Daddy didn't escape the tummy flu.... Mommy was the sole survivor!  ;)

Nothing can keep this girl down for long though!  Despite feeling icky, Emily hoisted herself up on her pack-n-play and her feet were dangling off the ground!  She was holding herself up by her arms.... this girl is STRONG!  That was further proven when she picked up an accent table IN THE AIR, and carried it across our entire apartment.  She was hanging on it, and I tried to move her away from it when she grabbed onto it.  I lifted her up in the air so she'd let it go, and she HELD ONTO IT!  I then carried her across the apartment to show Shep, and she held onto the table the entire way!!!  Unbelievable.  She and I were both giggling the entire way, and Shep couldn't believe it when he saw me walk into the room holding Emily, holding a table!  He weighed the table and it was 5 pounds!  Supergirl!!!

When Emily & Daddy were feeling better, we took Emily to the park to put her feet in the grass.  It's a bit of an understatement to say that she was NOT a fan.

I thought she'd get a kick out of the way it would tickle her feet, but she was trying anything and everything to keep her feet, and hands, off the ground!  If Emily could have hovered over the grass, I think she might have!
Seriously -- what a city girl!

If you want a little giggle, check out this video.  Tooooooo cute!!  Seeing the world and experiencing new things through her eyes is just the best part of every day for me.

The rest of the week was filled with even more cuteness!  Emily tried bread for the first time, and liked it!

On Monday afternoon, we went outside.  This was about a day after Emily had fully recovered from her tummy flu, and I discovered she might have seasonal allergies!  At first I thought she was getting a cold -- what bad luck that would be immediately following the flu! -- but then I noticed that she and I were sneezing at the exact same times during our walk.  Sneezing and runny noses nevertheless, we had some errands to do..... Emily had an important card to send her great grandmother for Mother's Day:

Then we walked by the river to breathe in the much-awaited spring air, and spend some Mommy-Emily time together!  

While we were out walking, I heard Emily making an "oof, oof" noise and it took me a minute but then I realized she was trying to refer to the dogs we saw!  She was trying to say "woof! woof!"  Her little mouth making the "fff, ffff" sound is something I hope I never forget!  Since then, she'd made the "oof, oof" sound numerous times when we saw dogs or other similarly-furry animals, so I think she really is trying to say "woof, woof".  I'm a proud mommy.  :)



  1. Get this girl a Wonder Woman costume for Halloween! She is STRONG! Love it!

    Emily is super adorbs and I enjoy reading about how much fun you're having with her. :)

    1. What a great idea, Mel! I am going to keep that in mind for October! Thanks so much for your continued support -- it means so much!! :)


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