Monday, May 18, 2015

51 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yikes!!!!!  How is my baby almost one year old already?!?!?!?!

51 weeks young.  Technically, since I'm late in posting this, she's actually 51.5 weeks!  Just a few more days until the big O-N-E.  Eeeeeeep!

She crawls, she walks, she dances, and as of the past week she is a non-stop babbler too!

Emily started her 51st week making “ga-ga” noises all day.  She then moved on to “Dada”  {woohoo!!  milestone photo op!}  and in case there was any doubt in my mind from earlier in the week, she definitely said “oof oof” when we saw a dog -- so that’s also an official word now!

Walking and talking.  My newborn infant has turned into a toddler and I simply don't understand where the time has gone!!!  ;)

We've been blessed with some really nice spring weather, so we've been spending more time outside.  Emily is getting slightly more warmed-up to the grass, even venturing to touch it voluntarily!

The weekend was fun-filled with firsts!  Emily visited Long Island {where I grew up!} for the first time, and attended her first birthday party!  A childhood friend of mine had a baby boy just 3 weeks before I gave birth to Emily, so we went out to meet the adorable little Trevor and help celebrate his birthday!  We also got to see some of my extended family members after the party, and then celebrated our first Mother's Day as a family together the following day at home!

On Monday, I took Emily to a waddler gym class for the first time, where she experienced a ball pit, tunnel crawl, swinging rings, a balance beam, a trampoline, and a bunch of exercises and other activities.  She wasn't very impressed with the ball pit or tunnel crawl, though she did finally go through one little tunnel after a lot of prompting by me.  :)


She looooooved the rings -- it probably felt to her like she was a human swing!  The smile on her face was just pure joy.

Emily's appetite for solid foods is improving, and she is getting very good at feeding herself some finger foods!  She used to gag when presented with "chunky" foods, but this week she scarfed down an entire 6 oz jar of chicken with pasta stars PLUS 2 clementines for dinner in one night!  The following night she ate an entire banana following her 4 oz jar of puree!  She's a growing girl, for sure!  Here's a little video of Emily eating some grapes:

The way she moves her little fingers to her mouth, and purses her lips when she chews just cracks me up.  I love watching her feeding skills improve over time -- it's been such a remarkable difference in a relatively short amount of time!

Well, that's about it for Week 51!  We have one B-I-G birthday milestone coming up in just a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. She is a "waddler", not a toddler. I think.

  2. Love the cute hairstyle! Finally long enough for a little ponytail on top ;) Can't believe she's already turning 1! Where has the last year gone??!! Are you guys going to have a birthday party for her? She is sooooo cute, I have loved watching her grow and being able to read about all the new things she's learned to do! Wish you all lived closer, we could have some super fun play dates, lol! Glad you're having nice weather to get outside and play! Looking forward to seeing pics when she turns the BIG 1!! :)

    1. Her little ponies are so funny. Daycare actually started doing that, and sending her home that way! I got a big kick out of it the first time, and then started doing it myself too. :)

      We are planning a birthday party for Em, but it won't be until early June. On her actual birthday, the three of us are going to do something fun to celebrate. :) Thank you SOOO much for all the well wishes, and all the support and comments! It has been fun getting to know you over the past couple years, and I agree that it would be so much fun to have a playdate between our little ones! Bummer that geography gets in the way... ;) If you ever come to NYC I expect to be notified, haha!!

  3. Hope you all had fun celebrating Em's birthday together! A June party will be a lot of fun....I hear it's a good month to celebrate birthdays, too, lol! ;) We're planning an open-house style party so all our friends and family can come see the kiddos and hang out for a bit...super relaxed! I think it'll be a lot of fun....hopefully A&A will think it's fun with all the new people in the house, haha! Could be interesting!

    I'm going to have to try ponies on Avery....her hair is outta control! She wakes up with a mohawk every's hilarious. I try to use cute little clips to keep it out of her eyes, but Ashton has discovered them and yanks them out of her hair....the brother/sister stuff is starting up already!

    You better believe I'll let you know if I'm ever in NYC...I've only been there once, and it wasn't even for an entire day! It's definitely a place we'd like to visit again one of these days...We just might be old and grey by the time we make it back there with two kids, haha! But, I did get to do the whole tourist thing and got my picture taken with the Naked Cowboy in Times that moment, I felt that I had arrived, lol! ;) And, if you're ever in my "neck of the woods" (that's how we talk here in Arkansas, haha...just kidding, kind of...), back at ya! :)

    So excited to see what this next year brings for Emily! I hope you still plan to blog all of her updates as she enters....toddlerhood!!! *gasp!* :)

    1. Toddlerhood?!?! Yikes!!! I don't like that word. ;) I can't believe all of our babies are already 1! The time just flies by. I am picturing Avery with a mohawk, haha!!! If Ashton is pulling the clips out of her hair now, I can't wait to know what he does to her when they're older.... my brother was certainly more annoying than that when we were growing up!

      I've never been to Arkansas, but have a cousin that lives there actually! Can you believe that Naked Cowboy has supposedly made something like $2 million??? Incredible!

      I definitely plan to keep blogging! Probably not as often, but I'm hoping maybe I'll finally be able to start blogging more about "topics" now that I won't be doing weekly updates anymore. :) You're still stuck with me for monthly updates though for now!! ;)


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