Thursday, June 5, 2014

2 Weeks New!!

Today was a big day! First, we went out to some stores to return a couple baby items that I don't need. Before we even left the building though I started crying for food, so Mommy had to feed me in the lounge of our apartment building! That was her first time nursing in public, though she was glad nobody was around to see. Once we got to Babies ‘R Us, I had a poop diaper so Mommy had to change me in the public restroom … another first!  She was a little nervous but everything went pretty smoothly… despite Mommy only having 1 wipe in the diaper bag -- yikes, rookie mistake!   Mommy and Daddy bought me some girly crib sheets and outfits at Babies ‘R Us and then we went to Kohl’s where I got my first Kohl’s cash {and a cute outfit that says I love my Daddy}! After Mommy and Daddy ate lunch at Panera we came home. We were out for almost 3 hours and I was pretty good and slept most of the time, but did have some crying spells!

Once we got home, after I ate, Mommy and Daddy tried to make some clay hand and foot prints with me, but that didn't work out so well…. They tried and re-tried for what seemed like forever, but I kept squirming and closing my hands and curling my feet up.  I'm so silly!

In the evening, I had my first water bath!   Daddy climbed into the big jacuzzi tub with me and laid me on my blue fishy bath pad.  I cried a little bit, but it was pretty quick! Mommy and Daddy were so excited they took a bunch of photos of me! Once I was nice and clean, mommy gently brushed my hair {which I looooed} and Daddy put me in a white frilly dress he bought me at Target last week. He wanted me all dressed up for my 2 week birthday pictures!

{click to enlarge}

After my little photo session, Mommy and Daddy ate a fancy dinner that Daddy's co-workers had catered for them as a congratulatory gift for my arrival.  Don't worry, that pink stuff Mommy's drinking is just juice.  ;)

All in all, it was a pretty exciting day!


  1. Oh, Nicole! She is just perfect!! So beautiful. Sounds like you're feeling pretty great too with all the outings you went on! Good for you! Can't wait to watch this little girl grow :-)

  2. Thanks so much!!! I have my good days and bad days in terms of my physical recovery, but this precious little sweetie makes everything seem better. :)


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