Monday, June 23, 2014

Carrier Conquered!

I've mentioned before that Emily loooooves to be held.  She will sleep forever in my arms, but that makes getting anything around the house done a bit challenging.  While I certainly love to sit and snuggle with my baby, between nursing, rocking and then holding her while she sleeps, hours and hours can go by without me ever leaving my chair.  I'm the first to admit that I'm a pretty lazy person and would love to sit around nuzzling Emily's head all day, but things need to get done!  ;)  A girl needs to feed herself!  And I need to feel like I'm accomplishing at least one thing every day {even if it's just feeding myself, writing a blog post or reading a book} in order not to feel like I'm turning into a sloth.

"Baby wearing" as it's called is a great solution to this challenge!  There are many different carriers out there that allow babies to be toted around, snuggled up to their mommy or daddy's chest, while leaving said adult's hands free to do what they need.  I received a Moby as a baby shower gift, and purchased an Ergo with infant insert on sale soon before Emily was born.  But try as I might -- which I did numerous times over the past couple weeks -- I just couldn't get Emily into either of them!  She'd fight and squirm while I tried to get her in and then if I was successful, she'd scream until I got her out.

Well, on Saturday evening Shep and I were FINALLY able to get her into the Ergo.  She fussed a little going in, but as soon as I got her situated, she passed out like a light!  She was exhausted from not sleeping enough that day, so I was so glad the Ergo did the trick to calm her down and put her to sleep.  We went for a nice long walk, picked up a few things from CVS, some dinner on the way home, and she slept the entire time!

Here she is, snug as a bug in a rug...

Mission = Accomplished!  Finally.  Hopefully I'll be lucky enough for a repeat performance in the future!

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  1. Awesome!! I love that you got sweet girl in. Hopefully this will work again so mommy can get some things done. I can't wait to wear my baby! Lol


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