Thursday, November 27, 2014

6 Months Young!!!!!!


I can't believe how quickly time has just flown by!  Our little girl turned 6 months old this past Saturday!

Here's a quick video of the half-birthday girl!  :)

Emily has changed so much since her last monthly update!

  • On 11/12, she weighed over 16.5 pounds (73rd percentile), was 25.75 inches long (54th percentile) and had a head circumference of 41.5 cm (29th percentile)!
  • Started eating solids!  She loves her oatmeal in the morning for breakfast and her sweet potato puree!  She leans forward to get the spoon in her mouth, and we can't feed her fast enough!  We tried avocado once too but she wasn't a fan -- we will try it again though!
  • Celebrated her first Halloween!
  • Met her Great Aunt Nancy & Great Uncle Gary for the first time!
  • Has been practicing her "up on all fours" maneuver in preparation for crawling!  She does this really cute thing that Shep has named her "frog leap", which is a little like the baby version of the "downward dog" yoga pose, and gets excited when she thinks she's getting somewhere!
  • Hates having boogies cleaned out of her nose, but also doesn't like having boogies in her nose.  Go figure.
  • Loves being cuddled for a little bit with her head on my shoulder when she wakes up.
  • Still not sleeping very well -- waking up several times per night and taking ~3 x 30-40 minute naps a day.
  • Loves grabbing my lips with her hands.  Shep likes to joke that's her way of telling me to keep quiet.  ;)
  • Kicks her right leg around while I'm holding and feeding her.
  • Is sleeping {mostly} in her crib for naps and nighttime!
  • Can sit up with support, but doesn't sit still long enough to really balance all on her own!  She'd much prefer to stretch out onto her back or belly!
  • Loooooooves her Sophie teether, and putting anything she can get her hands onto into her mouth!  ...Except a bottle or pacifier.  ;)  She especially loves chewing on the plastic books she has.
  • Laughs when I sing "The Wheels On The Bus" and "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes".
  • Gets SUPER excited when Daddy comes home from work, and smiles when she hears his voice on speakerphone.
  • Loves kisses from Mommy:
  • Finds a way to get her limbs stuck in her crib, despite the mesh bumpers we have:

  • Is getting a little tired of the paparazzi woman who keeps following her around taking photos of her in all her cuteness:

    • Is still very amused with trying to get under the couch:

    • Newly fascinated with looking at and grabbing my fuzzy slippers and socks on my feet.
    • Has experienced some pretty chilly days!
    • Started making an adorable little smirk that causes her to look even cuter than usual, which I didn't think possible!

    • Gets bed head just like her Mom!

    These past six months have been some of the most tiring, but most exciting, of our lives.  Though we wish we could slow time down and soak in all of Emily's adorableness forever and ever, we can't wait to see what the next few months have in store for us!  This little girl is growing up way too fast!


    1. I'm catching up on reading your blog, and I have to say, the captions to these photos are cracking me up! :)

      I'm glad she's doing so well in her crib for sleeping! Yay! (well, with the exception of getting stuck every now and then, lol). I also think it's so funny that she kicks her right leg while you're feeding her....Avery does the same thing! She will also kick her right leg in the swing, in the bouncer, on the floor...we thought it was really weird, but I'm glad to know she has a fellow right-leg-kicking-friend in Emily! Haha!

      1. So funny that Avery also kicks her leg like that! I always think she looks like a little horse that's about to trot away. ;) When she first started doing it I got worried she might have some baby form of Restless Leg Syndrome or something! Glad to know Avery and Emily can be kick friends. :)


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