Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Crib

Guess what?!

Mommy was nervous at first, but I did pretty well for my first night!  I fell asleep at 7:15 pm in Mommy's arms, and she slipped me into my crib without me even knowing!  She was a bit scared to take such a big step on her own {Daddy was working late} but since I've reached the weight capacity for my Pack 'n Play bassinet the clock is ticking!  I took 2 good naps in my crib during the day, so Mommy thought it was as good of a time as ever to try it out for night sleep too!  I woke up at 10:52 pm and was a bit confused, but Daddy picked me up and hugged me a bit before handing me over to Mommy to feed me.  I needed some extra reassurance that everything was okay since though I woke up in a strange place, so I stayed in Mommy's arms nursing for a lot longer than I usually do.  But, once I fell back asleep at 11:30 pm she stealthily slipped me back in my crib!  I slept until 5:22 am -- over 5.5 hours in one stretch! -- before I woke up hungry again.  After a quick early breakfast I slept for another hour and was awake and ready to come out to see Mommy & Daddy at 6:40 am.  Overall, it wasn't the best sleep I've had in a while, but by far definitely not the worst either!

Mommy and Daddy were pretty impressed with my first night in my big girl crib.  They said they hope I sleep even better tonight!  And maybe Mommy will sleep better tonight too.... she was too nervous to sleep well last night, that silly Mommy!


  1. Yay, Emily! Such a big girl sleeping in your crib! Hope you sleep well tonight sweet girl!!

    And Mommy, good luck with the nerves....mine have been in their cribs since mid-September, but I slept in the nursery with them for a month because I was so nervous. I finally stopped sleeping in there because we went on vacation in October and when I got home, I knew I couldn't handle one more night on our pull-out bed (it's not comfortable!). So, I've been in my own bed since then, but I do have the baby monitor (camera & audio!) right next to me, and I wind up checking it several times throughout the night! (I was talking to someone the other day who has a 5 year old, and apparently the nerves never really completely go away, lol). Anyway, I hope you sleep well tonight, too ;)

    1. Emily's room is so tiny that there isn't even room in there for a chair, nevermind a bed. But if there was I'd totally be in there on it, ha! ;) The good news is that her nursery is literally right next to our bedroom. And actually, I think that the distance between her crib and my bed versus where the pack n play was in our room and my bed probably isn't that big of a difference! ;) But yes, I had the monitor right next to my head the entire night and plan to do so again tonight!!! Thanks for the encouragement!


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