Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today is a day for giving thanks, and there isn't anything I am more thankful for in this life than my husband and my baby girl.  These two turkeys make all my days happy!


We were all set to head North to visit Shep's mom for Thanksgiving, but thanks to a foot of snow and power outages up there, we had to change plans last minute.  I couldn't let Emily's first Thanksgiving get cancelled by a little snow though!  She was already wearing her pre-dinner outfit and practicing her sprinker dance moves!

So, I put on my boots, went to the grocery store at 11am, and grabbed whatever I thought I could cook in order to cobble together an edible meal.  Considering I once forget to drain the water out before adding cheese when making mac & cheese many years ago, this isn't as easy as it might sound to you Julia Child types...  In fact, Shep was verrrrrry, shall we say, skeptical.  Heck, I was even skeptical!  But I didn't let it show.  I walked in the door, proudly announcing that dinner would be served before 4pm, and quickly got to work.  Shep was on Daddy duty while I was on kitchen duty.  Just me and my little 3 pound butterball.  Nope, that's not a typo....

Luckily, I'd bought a roasting pan on sale last month, which I didn't know would come in handy so soon!  This picture shows you just how tiny our turkey for two actually was:

But, I'm proud to say it all worked out!  We ate a proper Thanksgiving meal after all!

We even whipped out our formal wedding china and set the table!!!  We're so fancy.  ;)

And Emily sat right alongside us in her big girl high chair...

 wearing eating her own sweet potatoes!

When she finished those, she looked around for more.

She was still hungry, so she ate her washcloth!  {I was going to lie and pretend that she was wiping her mouth like a lady but I figured nobody would believe that one anyway...}

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving despite the change in plans! You did a great job throwing together a nice dinner for you and Shep! You set a high standard, especially since I gather you are a non-cooking type, lol. I am evidenced by us having Tuna Helper for Christmas dinner a couple years ago! Sad, sad!! I'm getting better....learning to use the crockpot! (It's pretty hard to mess up a crockpot meal, but give me time, I'm sure I will). But, now you've shown all your cards....Shep might just expect some more home cooked meals since he knows you can do such an awesome job! :)

    1. Haha, thanks! I'm the worst with cooking, but don't actually mind crockpot meals! The only problem is I've only made 3-4 recipes in the crockpot so each time I use it we're eating the same thing again and again. Oh well -- good thing I like those foods! ;) It's funny what you said about not messing up a crock pot meal because we did have a little mishap here in September. We were making pulled pork and I asked Shep to get it started while I was out with some out-of-town relatives that were staying with us after Emily's christening, and he forgot to take the cardboard out that separates the warmer part from the ceramic pot while it's packed away in the box. Sooooooo..... 5-6 hours later we were ready to eat and found out the pork wasn't cooked. Whooopsy! Good thing there is a slider place nearby -- we just ordered some pulled pork sliders from them and had them delivered! ;)

      I think Shep is smart enough than to expect many more home-cooked meals from me...... plus, he's a way better cook than I am! :)


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