Thursday, October 2, 2014

19 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Mommy and Daddy can't imagine
Our lives without you!!!

Happy 19 Weeks, Emily!  We love you!!!

Emily got her 4 month vaccinations on Tuesday.  Thanks to teething and her 4 month sleep regression, she was tired and a tad bit cranky before her shots, so we weren't expecting an easy appointment or evening afterward.  Emily was a bit squirmy and fussy during her physical exam, and the doctor referred to her as both a "princess" {when the doc walked in and asked how Emily was doing} and a "stinker" {when we told her Emily still won't consistently take a bottle} before handing her back to me to hold because she was "hard to examine" due to all her kicking and rolling around.  Emily drank almost all of the rotavirus liquid vaccine {without spitting it out this time, hooray!} and didn't even wince when the first needle went into her chubby left thigh.  The second needle was a bit larger though, since it covers 3 vaccines, so she did cry loudly after her right leg was pricked, but she luckily calmed down pretty quickly once Daddy started doing a very amusing clown tap dance in the room after the nurse stepped out.  And for the record, unlike last time, Mommy didn't shed any tears this time around!  ;)

In terms of her growth, she's doing amazingly well!  She weighs 15 lbs 3.5 oz, is 24.75 inches long, and has a head circumference of 41 cm!  We got a little worried when the nurse gave us some low percentages for her growth statistics, but it turned out the nurse was calculating Emily's measurements as if she were a boy.  Silly nurse!  The doctor gave us the corrected percentiles, and we were glad to hear they are right on track with her prior measurements.  The doctor was pleased to hear that Emily laughs, can sit up with help, and roll over -- she does all of them and has been for a few weeks now!  We are super proud parents, to say the least!!!

E is for EMILY!!!

Unlike last time, Emily thankfully didn't seem to have an increased temperature this time around, but we did give her a dose of Tylenol before bed because she was crying hard and wouldn't calm down to fall asleep.  It was a bit hard to tell if she was uncomfortable due to pain from the shots or her teething, but the Tylenol seemed to help her get to sleep for a few hours at least.  Then she was up again a few times at night for her now-typical 4 month wakeful period shenanigans, but at least she was smiling then!  :)

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  1. She's such a little beauty and growing so quickly! Glad she and Mommy handled the shots so well this time around. ;)


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