Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Love

I started this list back in August, when Emily wasn't even yet 3 months old.  I wanted to keep a growing ticker of all the little things I love about my little baby -- the little details that would play in the movie of our lives, before time washes away these seemingly minute details.  But then I realized that as time marches on, some of these anecdotes won't apply anymore.  How sad to think that my little baby girl won't fit in my lap forever.  So, I decided not to wait -- there will never be a complete list.  Each day is a gift, and each week or month that passes brings something new I love about my little girl...

I love the way she . . .
- Forms her mouth into the tiniest little "o" shape as a newborn.
- Crosses her ankles when being held cradle style.
- Covers her face with her little fists when she's tired.
- Smiles so big when I look her in the face.
- Curls up in my arms when I'm holding or feeding her.
- Smiles in her sleep.
- Holds onto my shirt with her little hands.

... Makes each day more meaningful now that she is part of our family.

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