Thursday, October 16, 2014

21 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember last week how I said it's proving more difficult to take good photos of Emily as she gets bigger?  Yeah, that's totally true.  Today I took over 100 photos of Miss Emily {no that's not an exaggeration!} and most of them came out as blurry action shots, which means she was rolling around like crazy and wouldn't stay still long enough for me to snap the photo.  Exhibits A & B:

If she was laying still, it's because she was pulling on her ear or had her fingers shoved in her mouth, like so:

But, like a crazy first time mom with an addiction to taking photos, I just kept snapping away.  As luck would have it, my muse is quite photogenic, even when she's trying to be uncooperative.  ;) . . .

This past week we took a long car trip upstate to see some out-of-town cousins.  It was Emily's longest ride to date and she did okay, though she was very fussy by the time we were 30 minutes from home thanks to 2 too-short naps in the car and a skipped nap while we visited, so we pulled over and stopped at a grocery store to stretch out.

She continues to produce drool like a Saint Bernard, and I have a feeling we might have some teeth making an appearance for her 5 month birthday because she has been tugging on her ear non-stop all day today, in addition to putting anything and everything she can get her adorable little fingers on into her mouth.  Emily has also taken to sucking on my jawbone {which cracks me up each time!} and biting on my collarbone while I'm holding her {ouch!} in recent days.... interesting pastimes, huh?  As long as she doesn't give me a hickey on my neck, I'll gladly act as her personal teething apparatus.  ;)  Poor little Em... I hope she gets some reprieve from her teething discomfort soon!

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  1. Such a darling muse you have! She is so precious in that outfit. Too funny that she uses your jaw to teethe on. LOL! Such a little ham. :)


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