Friday, October 31, 2014

23 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weeks just keep flying by!  Emily is 23 weeks young and loving life!

Despite my predictions to the contrary, she still doesn't have any teeth.  I feel like I've been saying "any week now" for months already!  Oddly enough, her hand-chomping seems to be dying down a bit over the past couple days.  Not sure if the pain is actually decreasing or, more likely, her tolerance is increasing since by now she's a drooly teething pro!  ;)

Luckily, no more hickeys this week and the lovely facial bruise Emily gifted me last Thursday is finally gone!  {Sorry I didn't get to post a pic of that gem -- couldn't get a flattering angle in any of my selfie attempts, ha!}

She is closer to sitting up on her own and getting her toosh up in the air which will allow her to crawl, but still has a little more practicing to do before she achieves either of those very big milestones {phew!}...

Emily is a party animal!  She attended TWO Halloween parties last weekend, and will be celebrating some more on the actual day!  {Photos of her costume to come!}  At the party our condo association organized, we met FOUR other babies who live in our building that are Emily's same age!!!!  And that's in addition to twin boys her age that we've met in the elevator and another little girl a week older than Em who is in my moms' group.  I guess there will be no shortage of playmates when this kiddo is old enough for play dates!

Naps this week have been a disaster.  Either non-existent or 30 minutes maximum, no matter what I do to help her sleep more frequently or longer.  She also woke up one night in the middle of the night and was awake for over an hour, log-rolling around in her crib and on our bed when we tried to soothe her back to sleep.  If teething or her reflux isn't the culprit, then perhaps it's an early start to her "Wonder Week" mental leap.  This should be a fun few weeks if the sleeplessness continues!  ;)  Despite her tiredness, I'm still able to get some smiles out of her so that's a good sign!

Shep and I have started visiting day care centers in preparation for my return to work in a couple months.  I can't believe I have to start thinking about returning to work already.... it feels like it is too soon!!!


  1. Emily just keeps getting even more adorable with every passing week...her smile is amazing!! She really seems like a happy baby, and I bet you guys are just loving every minute with her (well, maybe not so much the minutes during the sleepless nights, lol!). So glad to hear she's doing so well and is keeping such a busy social schedule with all of her parties! ;) I'm looking forward to hearing about when she finally figures out sitting up and crawling (and when you spot her first tooth!!). Glad you still have awhile before you go back to work...enjoy every minute with her!

    A & A will be 5 months tomorrow (22 weeks -- crazy!) and they are still trying to figure out sitting....they can do it with support, but then they just kinda give up. They like to "work smarter, not harder", haha. Ashton has just discovered his feet this past week and now he likes to lay in his crib and grab a hold of them -- keeps himself entertained! Avery hasn't figured out that she has feet yet, but she does like to laugh a lot at really random stuff -- usually she laughs in the bathtub, but today I was humming the theme song from "The Adams Family" while we were playing (yeah, I said it was random!), and she was just hysterical! Seems like they are figuring out something new every day.

    I often think about how life was so different a year ago and now you and I both have such amazing kids and are getting to experience all of these wonderful tings with our families! It's so cool and such a blessing!

    Take care!

    1. Hi Allie, thanks so much for the compliments, and for the updates on A&A! Happy 5 months to them (and you!)!!! Baby laughs are just ADORABLE. I really wish I could bottle them up! The first time Emily laughed, I wasn't even doing anything -- just looking at her! Talk about random. ;) I'm glad to hear that Avery likes The Adams Family theme song though, haha!!! I should add that one to my repertoire. ;)

      You are totally right -- life has changed a LOT in one year! We are SOOOO blessed; that is for sure!! Thanks for the update!!! It was great to hear from you!


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