Sunday, October 26, 2014

22 Weeks Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{Let's pretend this post is timely instead of a few days late -- we were having trouble with our internet connection so I wasn't able to upload the photos from my camera until now!}

This was a double birthday week for Emily!  On Wednesday, she turned 5 months old!  Then on Thursday, she turned 22 weeks old!  {Are you keeping up???}  Yes, those both count as birthdays.  And yes, I'm still counting her age in weeks.

To celebrate her 22 week birthday, Emily gave me a hickey on my face next to my chin.  A big one.  One that's very obvious, is hard to cover up even with makeup, and looks ridiculous.  But how could I possibly be mad at THIS face?!?!?!

I just can't.  :)  Poor girl is still teething like crazy and needed something to suck on to ease the tension I guess.  My face was the closest thing to her mouth at the time, so there you have it.  I knew that motherhood would bring new experiences every day, but this is an interesting one for the memory book!  ;)

Over the past week or so I've noticed Emily interlacing her fingers together like in the top photo above.  I guess maybe it is a new skill she's working on.... finger dexterity!  She also still tries to grab her toes at every opportunity:

Here she is in her big girl stroller!  I am tempted to rename her "She who is always tired but never sleeps":

Emily is VERY excited for her first Halloween and to show off her adorable costume!  We are keeping it a surprise until Friday, but believe me when I tell you she looks DELICIOUS in it!!!


  1. You should totally post a picture of the hickey she gave you. Hilarious! Excited to see Halloween pictures. :)

    1. Too funny -- I actually did think about posting a pic with my original post but couldn't really get a good angle from my selfies. ;)

  2. I agree with Mel, we need to see the hickey pic, lol! She's growing so fast, sounds like she's having lots of fun with her fingers and toes! Good luck with the sleeping! :)


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