Thursday, October 30, 2014

Baby Halloween Costumes

Only 1 day until Halloween!  Are you excited??  Shep is definitely the one of us more into Halloween as a holiday generally {fun fact: I never carved a real pumpkin until I met him!}, but this year even I'm looking forward to the spooky celebratory day so we can see Emily in her costume again.  The costume is still top secret, but I can assure you she looks SCRUMPTIOUS in it!  Don't worry, all will be revealed soon enough, and I promise the adorable factor is well worth the wait.  :)

I will show you what her runner-up costume idea was:

Shep and I order sushi every Friday, as sort of an end-of-week tradition.  We've ordered from the same restaurant almost weekly for the past few years {I ate veggie rolls during my pregnancy!}, so definitely considered a sushi costume for Emily as meaningful but funny.  Alas, we went with something else that, in my opinion, is muuuuuuuch more tasty.  There's just something about babies dressed up as food that cracks me up!

Speaking of delicious-looking babies, check out some of the adorable costume ideas featured in the Huffington Post lists here and here.

Although those are all quite cute, I have to say that the award for most creative definitely goes to Jessica Chavkin, who loves Halloween so much that she decided to dress her baby up in 31 different costumes!  He's a cutie, and she's quite the costume designer!  Check out her Instagram photos here.  Here's my favorite:

A photo posted by Jessica Chavkin (@jchavkin) on

So tell me.... will you or your little ones be dressing up this year?  What is the most inventive or best costume idea you've ever seen or worn???

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