Friday, April 4, 2014

32 Weeks

Hello, baby squash!

I can't believe I'm carrying a 4 pound baby inside of me!  Well, truth be told it feels pretty darn crowded in there, so I guess I can.  ;)  I can only imagine how crowded baby feels in there!

I still feel a fair bit of movement on a regular basis, so I guess it's not too crowded in baby's living quarters!  Though the interesting thing is that the kicks or jabs, or whatever they are, are mostly down low.  Does that mean baby hasn't turned upside down yet?  I'm trying not to stress because I know there's still time, but I hope when the time comes that this little kicker is in the correct head-down position!

Not much new in terms of symptoms, EXCEPT..... {drum roll please} ..... I HAVEN'T REALLY FELT NAUSEOUS ALL WEEK!!!  Can you believe it?!  I've been afraid to say it out loud or even write it down -- quick, everyone knock on a piece of wood! -- but maybe week #32 is my lucky break!  It's already Friday, and it's been smooth tummy sailing since Sunday, which marked the start of my 32nd week!  I have had some reflux, but I can totally deal with that.  Shortness of breath?  Cake walk!  Not even the seasonal allergies that paraded into town this week, or the zits which refuse to be evicted from my face can get me down - nope!  If my nausea stays away for the next 8 weeks or so I will be OH SO HAPPY!!!  Even though I'm still super fatigued {thanks to waking up to pee 2-3 times per night and not really being able to find a comfortable sleeping position} I've felt like more of a functioning human over the past 5 days than I have been in the past 6 months!  Man, that nausea really dragged down my productivity!

Despite feeling pretty OK in the tummy acid department, things have been pretty stressful this week between trying to prep for baby at home, trying to finish the insurmountable mountain of work I face at my job, and being scared for my grandma who is 92 years old and was hospitalized Sunday night due to fluid build-up resulting from the congestive heart failure she's dealt with for the past couple decades.  Baby prep and work were already bringing me to the edge of my sanity; hearing my grandma so out of it on Sunday when I spoke to her on the phone was enough to push me over the edge.  Luckily, she's been on IV in the hospital and has been feeling a bit better over the course of the week, but it's still frightening.  My grandma {or Babci as we lovingly call her} and I are two peas in a pod -- Shep always jokes that I am "Babci Jr.".  Needless to say it's been a hard week.  I am hoping to God that she gets better and gets released soon.  She lives in VA near my uncle, so I don't get to see her too often and I was really looking forward to her visit up here this weekend for my baby shower.  Alas, that's not going to work out and I'll be honest, I'm really disappointed.  At this point in my pregnancy, I can't even really travel down there to see her.  But I just keep praying that she gets better and will be able to come up to visit once this little baby squash is born!  My brother had a dream earlier this week, and in the dream our grandma was holding my baby.  Of course the first thing my mom and I both asked was "was it a boy or a girl"?!  Bro didn't know that detail {men!}, but I really hope his dream comes true.  All prayers and positive thoughts you ladies can muster would be much appreciated!

P.S. -- Sorry to get your hopes up with my April Fool's prank!  Shep didn't think anyone would fall for it, but I guess I'm more convincing than he thought!  I'm not really known for my pranking skills, but the idea came to me spontaneously and I just ran with it -- sorry for tricking all of you!  xo


  1. Hi Nicole!

    Yay for week 32!! I am SO happy to hear that your nausea is finally calming down (I knocked on wood for ya, lol!). I can't imaging having it last for sooooo long, you are a trooper! I think it's amazing that our bodies can deal with so much during pregnancy, all sorts of crazy discomforts and things you never thought about! Hope the next 8 or so weeks go smoothly for you and you can be somewhat comfortable (if that's possible!).

    Glad to hear your little Ninja is so active! Hopefully he/she will get in the correct position before it's "Go Time" still have some time, so fingers crossed for head down!! Mine are really active, but at different times of the day...our little girl is pretty much active throughout the daytime, regardless of what I'm doing...I think she's going to have my energy level (well, my pre-pregnancy energy level)...100mph all the time! Our little boy is active at some times during the day, but he really enjoys the evenings and mornings....between 5am - 7am he will bounce around like crazy....he's going to be an early bird like his daddy, lol. Feeling them move is the coolest thing ever....I have to force myself go to sleep at night because I just want to stay awake to feel them bumping around when I lay down for bed :) Watching them bounce my belly around is so much better than tv!

    On a serious note, I am so sorry to hear that your grandma is in the hospital.....I will keep her in my prayers for a full recovery! She sounds like a sweet, amazing person, and I'm sure the added stress of worrying about her isn't helping your stress level at all. So sorry she will not be able to make it to your shower, it will be hard to not have such a special person in your life there with you. But, maybe after she gets stabilized and back home, you'll be able to visit her after the baby is born and have some one-on-one time with her while she holds your little one -- please keep us posted on how she's doing.

    In the meantime, hang in there! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, but everything will fall into place. Just to happy to hear that you're doing better and the baby is doing great!

  2. Not long to go now hun! praying your grandma makes a swift recovery xx

  3. Yay, baby squash!! You're getting super close! I'll be praying that grandma makes some improvements and gets to hold baby squash. Also, glad your nausea let up this week! Hopefully that will be a new norm for you. I totally get the whole work thing... I just had my last day on Friday and I really don't think I could have made it another week...hang in there...the end is in sight!

  4. So excited that your nausea is going away! It's about time, right? LOL! I'm so very sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know how hard it is as I was very close to my grandmother too. I do hope that his dream comes true and your grandmother gets to hold your precious little one. **HUGS**


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