Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gender Reveal

We're at 32 weeks gestation, we still have a TON to do in order to prep for baby's arrival, and to be honest not knowing the sex of the baby has made things a bit more challenging than we predicted in terms of planning.  The clock is ticking down, and Shep and I simply couldn't handle the suspense any longer, so we decided to find out the sex of our baby after all!

It's a . . .


Did I get you?!  Even for a second???

We still don't know what we're having, but according to the very scientific {not at all} Baby Hunch poll we're running, the slight majority of people think we're having a boy.  We'll see how accurate our poll participants' intuition is in about 8 weeks, give or take!  ;)  Feel free to throw your guess in there if you'd like too!


  1. Hahaha! Yeah, I'm totally gullible!! That was a good one :)

  2. You got me with just the title of this post! Ha ha!!! Good one. ;)

  3. Ugh!! That was so mean! I reeeeally want to know and I'm still saying GIRL.

    1. Sorry ladies!!! I just couldn't resist. ;)


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