Monday, April 14, 2014

34 Weeks

Hello butternut squash baby!

Source: The Bump
Sounds like our little one is chunking up, which is great!  It's amazing how quickly these little guys and gals grow in the last trimester -- it seems like just yesterday we were looking at photos of apple seeds and blueberries and now we've graduated to a butternut squash!  Wow!

I had my 34 week OB appointment today, and everything looks good!  My blood pressure is healthy, and my fundal height is apparently right on target.  According to the doctor's records I've gained 1 pound in 3 weeks {which she said was fine}, though my own tracker shows a 3 pound increase in 3 weeks.  {It's funny how the time of day and clothing can really mess with your weight measurements!}  The little one's heart beat was a strong 158 -- music to my ears!

Speaking of music, according to The Bump I better start singing some lullabies to my belly!  I'll admit something -- I LOVE to sing!  I always say that if I could have any skill in the world, it would be a singing voice -- some combination of Faith Hill, Martina McBride and Celine Dion would be my ideal!  Alas, I do not, so I keep my performances to the shower and the car.  ;)  This mostly means that Shep is the only one lucky enough to enjoy suffer through my mini concerts, but it looks like Baby will be joining his or her daddy {unwillingly} in the front row of my own personal sing-a-long.  ;)  I'll know I'm really off key if I start getting kicked as a result....  I think that's the baby equivalent of throwing rotten tomatoes.  ;)

Not much new in terms of symptoms -- I've been doing okay on the nausea front, though have had a couple days here and there of queasiness.  Overall though, it's still a marked improvement over what was going on from weeks 6.5 through 32, so I can definitely live with it!  :)  I've had a little bit of foot and ankle swelling, but nothing that bad, so far {knock on wood!}; though I did have to leave my engagement ring at home one day last week for the first time because my fingers were a bit puffy in the morning.  Luckily by the afternoon they were back to size.

This weekend Shep and I went on a baby-buying binge.  We went out to purchase a crib mattress and then spent over 6 hours shopping and buying.  By the time we got home (a) my ankles were totally swollen and (b) I was surprised I didn't get a fraud alert on my credit card!  In all seriousness, our living room currently looks like we are the victims of a reverse robbery.  For those of you not familiar, this would be when a burglar goes to Buy Buy Baby, TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond and Babies 'R Us, obtains several very large bags of baby supplies, breaks into our apartment, dumps the goods and then takes off.  ;)  Until I finally semi-organized the stuff last night, we couldn't even get to the couch without leaping over clothes, crib sheets, and other random newborn paraphernalia!  It's funny how a baby so small could already own so much stuff!!!  Hopefully it will all come in handy though -- I know the diapers and burp cloths will, that's for sure!  ;)


  1. Your description of the reverse robbery made me laugh! So super excited for you guys that baby is so close to arriving. You are in the home stretch now! I CANNOT WAIT to finally find out what you are having! I would have died of curiosity by now. LOL

    1. The reverse robbery description is funny, though pathetically true. ;) I was going to take a photo to go along with the post, but was too embarrassed to even share what our apt currently looks like, it's in such disarray! Hahaha -- you crack me up with your continuous curiosity!!! I think it's a tie whether between you or my BFF Jen, which of you are more on the edge of your seat wanting to know whether this baby is a boy or girl!! I think you are dying more of curiosity than I even am!! :)


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