Thursday, April 10, 2014

33 Weeks

33.5 weeks down, nobody-knows-how-many to go!!!  This week, baby graduated to the size of a durian {whatever that is}.  I've realized lately as we graduate through the fruit bowl comparisons that my fruit knowledge is seriously lacking...  maybe once the little one arrives, I can read to him or her about all these unique kinds of fruits.  :)

Source: The Bump
According to The Bump baby tracker, our baby could weigh as much as 5.5 pounds and be over 18 inches long?!  WOWZERS!!!  That length is incredible to imagine, especially since Shep was about that same length when he was born!  Baby definitely feels heavy in there, but 5.8 pounds is a LOT to think about carrying around in my belly every day!  No wonder I have a little slow waddle going on.  ;)

The kicking has slowed down a bit as compared to what it was earlier on in the pregnancy, but I definitely still feel a lot of movement -- mostly what feels like baby stretching out, or turning around, or doing some kind of country line dance in there.  Now that we're almost at the 34 week mark, we're starting to hope that baby gets itself in the head-down position like s/he is supposed to, in time for birth!  Right now it feels like the baby's body is entirely in the lower half of my beach ball bump, but I can't really tell which position s/he is laying in, and s/he still seems to be rotating around a bunch.  Apparently that's still normal for this stage in pregnancy, and hopefully there is still plenty of time for the little one to get in the right position.

We've completed 3 birthing classes already, and only have 2 more to go.  This past weekend our moms hosted a baby shower for me, and today my co-workers surprised me with a shower at work!  The nursery furniture is coming on Saturday, we have our maternity photo shoot on Sunday, and we met with 3 different doulas this week.  We may still be 15 items behind in our baby to-do list, but we're getting there -- slowly but steadily!

In terms of symptoms, not much new.  I've noticed a little bit of swelling around my ankles on and off on various days, and yesterday was the first time my fingers were a bit swollen -- I went to work sans engagement ring just to be safe in case the swelling got worse, but luckily it got better as the day progressed.  It's harder to walk quickly, but I'm still making it up those 4 flights of stairs from the train platform every morning!  My "baby brain" is getting worse -- I keep forgetting things!  My back doesn't really hurt that much, and my nosebleeds have slowed down for the time being = both good things.  I haven't been sleeping great though, and I notice that when I sleep on my left side, my left ear hurts so badly when I wake up.  Weird, huh?!  I hate to say it, but my nausea may be coming back.  I've felt particularly pukey yesterday and today, though don't think I've been eating or drinking anything different to cause it.  Let's hope it's just a couple bad days due to lack of sleep and too much stress at work, and that I get more than a 1-week reprieve from this darn nausea throughout this pregnancy!

Thank you all so much for the supportive words and prayers for my grandma!  Thankfully she was released from the hospital last Friday, and has been in good spirits since then.  Her short-term memory is still really bad, and getting worse, but I guess that's to be expected when you're 92.  :)  At least she can laugh about it with us, and she still knows who we are!  I'm just thankful that she's feeling better and is back in her home, although I was super bummed that she didn't make it up north for my shower.


  1. So sorry to hear the nausea may be returning. And yes, sleep gets worse the further along you get. I think it is our bodies preparing us for the sleepless nights to come! I am thrilled that your grandmother is feeling better, but I hate to hear that she wasn't able to make it to your shower.

    1. Funny -- I've joked with hubby that I'll totally be ready for no sleep once baby arrives, since I'm already up every couple hours to pee all night every night! Thanks so much for the well wishes for my grandma..... I so sincerely appreciate it!

  2. I can't believe that you've still got nausea this late in the game... that makes me so sad for you :-( I hope you get relief soon. You're almost there!! I'm sure you know how to encourage baby to get in the optimal birthing position, but if you'd like suggestions, just ask me... I've tried everything under the sun! S/he still has plenty of time for that to happen but it doesn't hurt to be proactive :-) Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much for offering up suggestion on how to turn baby -- I hope to not have to worry about that particular issue, but will definitely take you up on your offer if needed!!! I've been thinking of you today and hoping that your c-section went well and that you're enjoying your snuggle time with your little man!!


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