Saturday, April 26, 2014

Baby Class

Nicole may have mentioned that we have been taking a birthing class at our hospital for the past few weeks. We learned what to expect during the stages of labor (early, active, and transition and pushing), breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. We (meaning me) learned how to diaper and change a baby. We didn't have any live models, but the dolls they provided were life-like enough. Nicole said I did a great job changing and diapering the baby, even though I got the tape stuck to the diaper a few times. I held the baby like the instructor said to, and supported the neck (which was better than another expecting father in the class who held his "baby" like a sack of concrete). Nicole even tried to bump up the difficulty level for me by jiggling the baby doll while I changed it so as to simulate a more life-like changing experience. At one point, I said to her: "come on, unless this baby is getting changed in an earthquake, I think you're going overboard on the jiggling". Right??


  1. So proud of my hubby and the daddy-to-be! You did a GREAT job diapering, bathing and dressing that little baby doll!! xoxo

  2. I think this is awesome! Hopefully you won't be changing a baby in an earthquake! That made my day! LOL! You guys are gonna make awesome parents!

  3. While you may not be changing a diaper during an earthquake, sometimes it can feel like a tsunami as little arms and legs are flailing, the baby is screaming, and poo and pee are shooting everywhere. Too graphic? Maybe, but that's how it is ;-) good thing Nicole tried to prep you for that though. Sounds like you're going to be a great dad!

    1. Thanks for "keeping it real"! I thought that changing a plastic baby who is just laying there perfectly still was a bit unrealistic -- I was just trying to help step up the challenge! ;)


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