Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Onesies Galore!

I've been shockingly conservative for most of the pregnancy in terms of buying stuff for our baby.  At first, I was too superstitious.  Then, I was simply too nauseous to have spare energy for anything productive.  Add to that our limited space {we live in a condo} and the fact that we don't yet know our baby's sex, and you can probably see why I hadn't gone out on any shopping sprees.

But still, that was highly unusual behavior for me.  I am someone who has always gotten absolutely GIDDY each and every time I've seen a precious baby outfit -- I can't help it, I just go crazy for tiny things, and always have, even pre-pregnancy!  Seeing as we're currently expecting a wee one of our own very soon, and so I now finally have a legitimate reason to drool over these pint-sized outfits I always seek out in stores, Shep has noted his surprise on numerous occasions over the past several months that I haven't been hoarding up buying little baby outfits like it's my full-time job.  To be honest it's because we don't know whether we're expecting a boy or a girl, and I really haven't seen a ton of SUPER-CUTE-MUST-BUY-THAT-NOW gender-neutral options out there!  Well, all that changed when I stumbled upon the gender neutral baby clothing category on kohls.com.  Basically, the cap popped off the fire hydrant and I went berserk.  But I just couldn't help myself -- check out these onesies!
First Moments® New Baby Bodysuit {Source}
First Moments® ''Born in 2014'' Bodysuit {Source}
First Moments® Balloon Bodysuit {Source}
First Moments® ''Newly Hatched'' Bodysuit {Source}
Jumping Beans® "Rolls" Bodysuit {Source}

Simply irresistible!  They are adorable, unique AND gender neutral!  Plus, they were on sale and I had a coupon code for an additional 30% off!  Quintuple score!!!!!  I cannot wait until they arrive, and I cannot wait to see our baby in them!  Finally starting to buy some supplies for baby's arrival has made it seem more real that in just about a month we are going to be PARENTS!!!!  Yikes!!  I'm still a little bit nervous about the whole birthing process, but more and more I'm feeling really excited for him/her to get here!


  1. Haha! Those are great onsies! I especially love the last one....hilarious :) I'm so excited for you....it's getting SOOOOO close!! I'm sure once the baby is here you'll go nuts with the clothing shopping, lol! We've done way too much clothing shopping already, but I seriously can't help myself....everything is too cute! I haven't let myself go into the baby sections at stores lately because i know I'll find another outfit for them. Over the past couple days we started decorating the nursery and put the bedding in the cribs...it's hard to believe that there will actually be babies in there before long...my babies! I totally get what you mean about it seeing more and more real! I'm so glad you're doing well and just can't wait to "meet" your sweet baby! -- Allie

    1. I love the last one too -- I so hope that our baby has scrumptiously chubby thighs! :) I think you're right -- once the baby arrives and I know exactly which gender of clothing I'm looking for, I think all hell is going to break loose on the online shopping front. THEN I'll really get the fraud alert!! ;)

      I can't believe you're decorating your nursery already and getting your cribs ready -- you go, girl!!! You are so on top of everything, which is great! I hope that means you'll have a lot of time to relax with your hubby as your due date gets closer! That's something I wish we had time for.... but there's still too much to do that doesn't seem even remotely possible! We still don't even have bedding -- but it's on the way, it's one of the many things we bought this weekend! ;)

      Thanks so much for the note -- it's great to hear from you, and I'm so glad you and the twins are doing well!

  2. Nicole, these are the most adorable onesies!! I can't wait to see your little one in them either. I would have had a hard time restraining myself too. I think my favorite one is the bakery rolls too. My little Mitch was full of rolls when he was a baby. I loved it!! Try not to worry about the birthing process. I promise - your body is going to know exactly what to do and everything will go great. Sending you lots of hugs and sharing in your excitment...MEL

    1. Thanks, Mel! And lots of hugs back to you, through the internet! :)


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