Monday, May 19, 2014

39 Week Check-Up

My blood pressure was normal and according to the office measurements I've gained 2 pounds since last week.  Dr. S said it's likely just bloat, so nothing to be concerned about, but I actually don't think I gained that much in a week.  I've been weighing myself in the morning undressed each week, which is a bit more reliable than getting weighed after a yummy lunch.  ;)

According to the doctor I'm 80% effaced, 2 cm dilated and station is between 0 and 1 {"nice and low"}.  She also said that according to my chart, I was only 1/2 cm dilated last week, not the full 1 cm I thought I was.  I guess Dr. H was trying to be generous last week.  ;)  Baby's heart rate is in the 140s/150s.

At my request, Dr. S felt around my abdomen to predict the baby's approximate size.  "It's not a small baby" was her response {gulp!}, and her guess was "a little over 7 pounds, maybe just 7 pounds".  We will see if she's right when baby appears!  {Though judging by the watermelon-sized tummy I'm sporting; my guess of baby's size would be much higher!}

My due date is coming up this Sunday, so if baby doesn't make an appearance before next Wednesday
5/28, I'll be getting a "non-stress test", which is an ultrasound and fetal monitoring, just to make sure everything looks good.  If by chance baby doesn't show him/herself by June 1, which will be 41 weeks, then they'll induce me that night.  According to Dr. S., she doubts this will happen.  While I've been feeling really nervous the past couple days about whether or not I'm ready for this baby to pop out, I realized when the doctor gave me the info that I certainly don't want to be induced.  So, hopefully baby will decide it's ready to get the show on the road before the end of the day on June 1!

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