Saturday, May 3, 2014

To-Do List Update

We're making sloooow but steady progress on our to-do list!  Shep got the pack 'n play with changing station and mini rocker together:

And I got some tiny baby clothing laundry done!

I also washed the baby's crib skirt, sheets, changing pad covers, burp cloths and receiving blankets!

To-Dos Still On the Agenda:
  • Write and send out baby shower thank-you notes (1/2 way done)
  • Purchase remaining items for and pack my hospital bag
  • Install baby's car seat (Wednesday)
  • Review childbirth class materials & practice breathing/relaxation techniques  (in progress)
  • Fill out birth preferences sheet (in progress)
  • Prepare short list of baby names (in progress)
  • Wash baby's crib skirt, sheets and changing pad covers
  • Start washing baby's clothing!
  • Finish washing and putting away baby's clothes
  • Create song play list for delivery room

That's my to-do list.  Shep also needs to assemble the glider for me and the baby's swing.

You know what they say.... slow and steady wins the race.  Hopefully baby doesn't beat us to the finish line!  ;)


  1. it's awesome you have got so much done and it's keeping you busy!!!!! can't wait to see finished baby room! x

    1. Thank you, Char!!! That to-do list seemed really daunting about a week ago, and though we still have lots more to do, we're at least making food progress! The baby room is *almost* finished and I plan to post pics of that later this week or next week!

  2. You are doing so awesome getting everything done. That pack and play is awesome. They didn't make them like that nine years ago when my little man was born. LOL! I can't wait for your little one to finally get here! I'm just so excited!

    1. Thanks, Mel! I'm not making as much progress as quickly as I'd like, but I'm doing my best! :)


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